Songwriters on Baseball

Richard Paul Davis, Hank Van Hawkins and Kris Walters of SOBS fame.
Richard Paul Davis, Hank Van Hawkins and Kris Walters of SOBS fame.

So it’s that time of year again. The doldrums of Winter have given way to the bright days and crisp and warming breezes of spring-Baseball is here.

There are sometimes divides between people that enjoy sports or physical activities and those of the “nerd” persuasion. I have always been a part of each world and I don’t understand why some say you can’t do both. Baseball is ideal for people that love math, as the amount of statistics and detail and the variables are a nerd’s dream. Anyway, I’m drifting from my subject. Nerd’s unite and don’t discriminate against one another.

As a nerd, and working for That Nerd Show, I’ve decided to expand my coverage to include baseball as well. I play currently, and have loved it my entire life. With baseball and comics, movies and some other things, I also love music and am a songwriter as well. So, naturally I’ve decided to combine these pursuits with a new podcast called “Songwriters on Baseball” or SOBs if you will. It is co-hosted by my good friend and fellow songwriter and baseball enthusiast Hank Van Hawkins. Hank and I have been friends for years and have written several songs together. We’re really excited about our new endeavor. This won’t take away from my responsibilities at That Nerd Show and you can still expect to hear me and read my work in this very spot for a long time to come.

Search for Songwriters on Baseball on iTunes, or go to and have a listen.



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