Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Wolf Among us Episode 3 review

*Minor spoilers ahead*

By now, Bigby has beaten up nearly everyone in his little village of fairy tales, and has an injured arm to show for it. I’ve changed my approach a bit this time around to throw off the people I’m questioning, and it sees to be paying off. I’m not a nicer Bigby, perhaps a more dangerous one though, as the people involved in the story don’t know what to expect.

Episode three is possibly my favorite episode. I can say that I’ve never hit an A button faster, harder or longer in my entire gaming life. The amount of time you spend interrogating, investigating and discussing things with other inhabitants is well balanced, and I really took my time answering questions in this episode. This game is known for its “adventure” elements, but truly, with the normal settings, you’re likely not actually doing much investigating. TellTale games does an excellent job making the game seem non-linear and make you feel like you’re investigating, but you’re really not. You’re taking a semi-active role in a fantastic story. Without giving too much away, the interaction at the Trip Trap, and with a little girl near the end of the episode are great conversations where you feel as though you’re really heading up an investigation, and you feel like you’re the big bad wolf.

The episode and the story as a whole has an underlying tension as you play Bigby. I began to love the ability to intimidate and not play by Mundie rules, but still fighting the notion that I am just a bad decision away from becoming a truly devious and evil character. The story does throw out a huge red herring, as I’ve suspected, and the storyline takes a different turn when some things are uncovered about our creepy friend Ichabod Crane.

Bright spots

You really, again, feel like the big bad wolf. You can feel that your influence has receded however, as people are dying and the people you encounter are shaken up and don’t know where to turn. It’s okay if you’re a bruising egotist known for brutal tactics if you’re keeping the peace, but when people are dying left and right, and no one has any rights or security, people start to turn elsewhere for help. That seems to be the case here as you make new “allies” and enemies, and realize that the  murders happening aren’t isolated events, and they may be a big power play and there are forces at play that you don’t understand yet. You also develop, or possibly hurt your standing with Snow White and with several other characters. I really liked seeing that Bigby gives a damn. Or, having the option to express that.

Low lights

Again, I hit on this a few times, but being the big bad wolf isn’t what it used to be. You get to dole out punishment in this episode, but you can’t huff and puff and blow in every single house anymore. That is evidenced by another of my low points, a new character that just doesn’t quite fit. This new character shows up late, is incredibly ominous, and maybe the acting or character just doesn’t sit right. Not to say the acting or character is poorly done, but something just doesn’t sit right about this new person.


This is my favorite episode so far. The writing is sharp, the dialogue has really been fine tuned and I didn’t notice any graphical hitches or bugs. The story is getting deep, and this is the first episode where I told Bigby to “Shut up, don’t say anything” and I felt like it was time to let someone else take control.



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