The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 delayed on MAC

Strange and unfortunate news from the monster hunting world- It seems Neocore games has decided, or has been forced to abandon the release of the game on MAC. I was looking forward to playing and reviewing the newest installment of the game, but woke to find that my review copy for MAC OSx was unplayable yesterday. I reached out to Neocore via their forums on STEAM, their website, as well as through twitter and was referred to support. I was able to get a response from their PR person, Julia Inzsol said she would keep me abreast of any news. As of today, there has been no official announcement about the unplayable “release” on Mac that users were not informed wouldn’t be ready and pre-orders were taken for. Here statement to me is below:

“Actually we still have issues around the Mac build, and we didn’t want to release it until it’s not perfect. We need a little more time to check all the things around the build, so the players can finally enjoy it as we imagined.We are terribly sorry about this and asking for your patience and understanding.We will release a beta from the Mac version tomorrow, and it would be amazing if some of the Mac users could help us testing the game, so we can make it perfect according to your feedback. We are really sorry about it, but we think it’s better this way than we release a game which is unfortunately still have problems.We’ll write a post about this, but now you know that this is the way it is.”

It’s always a bad sign when game reviewers aren’t able to review a game until its release date. In fact, I wasn’t informed that the game wouldn’t work on release day, and there was no announcement that the MAC version wasn’t playable. We’re not sure if this was an oversight by Neocore or something else. We will definitely keep you informed and update as soon as information is available.

For more information on The Incredible  Adventures of Van Helsing 2, visit here Neocore.

Richard Paul Davis


Here is a statement from Neocore on their Steam forums from Megapull_Neocore:

A message to Mac Customers
Dear Mac Customers,

We would like to apologize you for the current issue, which is that the Mac build is delayed due to development issues. We will release the build in the close future, and we can provide beta versions as well if they are required by the players. We are extremely sorry and therefore we would like to compensate by gifting all future Van Helsing II DLCs for our Mac users, who preordered the game.
We would like to ask for your patience and understanding until we release the Macintosh version of Van Helsing II, and once again, sorry for the inconvenience that we have caused.

NeocoreGames Team

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