Instant Indie Halloween Edition

Hey Everyone. Here’s another Instant Indie-A quick look at some great Indie products. In our Halloween Edition we look at a Motion Comic with music, a Kickstarter comic based on H.P. Love Craft called Kidthulu, an addictive iOS game and some early information on a Zelda-esque game in its early stages. All of the information is straight from the developers’ mouths, and it’s not my spin. It’s what they want you to know about their products, except for my opening commentary on each. Enjoy, and thanks for supporting independent goodies.



I’ve been talking with Elias Daler for awhile for an upcoming interview on being an Independent Developer. Look for that article soon. The concepts Elias is using and the gameplay his game will have are all things I’ve been wanting to see for awhile. I personally loved the Legend of Zelda games as well as early RPGs like  Final Fantasy. Here’s to hoping this game fills my desires for an old school experience.

Here's a cool gif from re:creation. I cannot wait to play this game.
Here’s a cool gif from re:creation. I cannot wait to play this game.

Re: Creation is a hobby gamedev project being made by Elias Daler. Re:creation is an action rpg inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Earthbound.You play as an undead knight who can become people he kills and get their abilities to progress in the game and solve various puzzles.

Have a look at Elias’ blog to keep up with his progress.  


The main hero is an undead knight who was betrayed by his partner, Necromancer, during a fight with a giant demon. When the hero raises from the dead, he realizes that lots of time has passed since his death. The Great War between humans and undeads is being fought for several centuries. Necromancer is still alive. He actually became a Lich. He has lots of power and uses undeads as a cheap working force. The hero explores society of undeads and finds out that they don’t actually want to kill humans. They just want people to use them for training and steal their treasure! The hero decides to stop the war and prove that undeads are not that evil as it seems.


Kidthulu looks fun and creative. It's a quirky gamble. Let's hope it pays off.
Kidthulu looks fun and creative. It’s a quirky gamble. Let’s hope it pays off.

I found Kidthulu while trolling Kickstarter for cool projects I could write about. How can you not get behind a cartoony version of the H.P. Lovecraft classic.?


Maryland based writer Martin E. Brandt II and Baltimore area artist Charles C. Dowd in cooperation with Raven Warren Studios are launching their new comic book mini-series Kidthulhu: Tales of Madness on Kickstarter Thursday October 16th, 2014. Along with the help of Jess Boudrie, Courtney Hahn, Gaston Pacheco, and Martinho Abreu they plan to release a 32 page full color first issue.
Kidthulhu is the tale of the world as seen through a 10-year-old monster of madness accompanied by this faithful Shoggoth Shog and his best friend Capi, The Albino Goat of the Woods with 999 siblings. Kidthulhu: Tales of Madness is a ridiculous reimagining of the Lovecraft universe that you can share with kids.

Come join in and be a part of the genesis for this new series on Kickstarter and help them reach their $2,500 to fund the initial print run. There are plenty of awesome incentives for backers to show thanks for their support. Starting October 16th you can find more information on Kickstarter at:, spread the madness.
Additional Media can be found here:



I took a look at Darkmoon in the first ‘Instant Indie’ and looks like it’s finished and ready to experience. Follow the link and watch/listen. It’s a great Halloween experience.

Dark Moon is an exciting new comic that features an original soundtrack designed to be listened to while reading.  You can stream the music while reading the digital versions, watch our youtube series, or download the soundtrack to listen to while reading our print copy!The story is about Dante, a scientist in the late 21st century, who is working on teleportation technology when a cataclysmic event, a meteor strike near his hometown of San Francisco, causes him to have to use the transporter to transport him and six others to safety.  They make it to a distant moon, but they find out their problems are just beginning.

Check out the motion version here. Dark Moon Motion comic.

Well, at least there aren't any monoliths here.
Well, at least there aren’t any monoliths here.
I don't think scientists were taught to shoot monsters on distant moons. At least, not at MIT.
I don’t think scientists were taught to shoot monsters on distant moons. At least, not at MIT.

About Tiny Grave

I actually reviewed this game and really enjoyed it. Have a look at my review here. My girlfriend is actually still playing it and loves it.  It has really addictive gameplay and surprising depth.

The Doctor and his assistant need help creating their monster. Experience their story with this new twist on the puzzle genre featuring a story mode with 17 levels of game play, spoken dialog, and immersive music. To aid your matching efforts the Doctor has created powerful potions that you can use to get out of dead end situations. Hone your matching skills or play a quick game by playing in Endless mode. But don’t worry; your progress is saved so you can continue your game at any time. Tiny Grave may be inspired by puzzle games of the past but it has a style and game play all its own. Download it today and experience Tiny Grave for yourself.

Watch the Trailer


Use your explosive vile to open up a dead board.
Use your explosive vile to open up a dead board.
Acid clears out an area, opening up new body parts to collect.
Acid clears out an area, opening up new body parts to collect.


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