Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #6 review + 5 page preview By Hank Van Hawkins


Nightbreed  #6 review

Admittedly I am having fun with my press pass. I am getting to read so many great comics from Boom! for free. Of course that hasn’t stopped me from actually going into my local store and buying some hard copies for myself as well. I am at my weakest on Wednesdays damn it.  One free issue of a great series will always compel you to buy other issues in order to find out the whole story for your self.  (The whole point to Free Comic Book Day) At least it does for me and my own buying habits.  

Nightbreed in particular has been one issue I read that has prompted me to find out more about the series as a whole. Personally you can’t go wrong with anything Clive Barker has a part in.   Over the many years I have been reading comic books I have never been let down by a Clive Barker title of any sort and Nightbreed continues the hot streak. Granted the issue I picked up was  # 6  and it made no difference to me where the issue was in relation to the current arc because it provides just enough of what is going on along with a more than a hint at what is too come. Anytime a book explores the so called darker shadows and corners of our world the more apt I am to get into it.  Obviously this fantasy but it still doesn’t prevent itself from making a social statement on issues that currently plague society as a whole. If indeed there was a entire underworld of mythical creatures who lurk in the shadows and the dark recess of the human spirit it may make more sense out of this crazy world as a whole. 

   I am taking it upon myself to pick up the graphic novel for this series once its available. It ended up being ten times more entertaining that I had anticipated and I highly recommend it to others despite some character similarities to Hellboy it easily stands on its own as a series and has a great and eclectic cast of characters with a deep and intriguing back story to each of them.  Each is an outcast demon due to their extrasensory, supernatural, and other worldly attributes, appearances, and abilities. However they fit right in with the circus freaks without missing a beat. Yet their powers themselves struggle for relevance in the human world. So although they are demons at their simplest form they are merely humans just like the rest of us with their own set of challenges and prejudices. Obviously I suggest this as a pick up the next time you are in your comic shop looking for something new and exciting and you will see what I mean. The art is simple and direct to the point and the story flows with ease and leaves you wanting to know more about the characters and the hand that fate will play to them during this series run.  Kudos to Boom Studios for putting together such a great roster of titles and writers. They are really making a mark in the world of comics if you ask me and their juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down. I know I am keeping my eyes peeled from now on.   

Editor’s note: please have a look below for the 5 page preview of Nightbreed #6. Also, click on Hank’s name to visit his Facebook page.


 Hank Van Hawkins 

Nightbreed06_PRESS-3 Nightbreed06_PRESS-4 Nightbreed06_PRESS-9 Nightbreed06_PRESS-10 Nightbreed06_PRESS-11 Nightbreed06_PRESS-12


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