Over the Garden Wall One-shot Preview article

OverTheGardenWall_coverABoom! Studios has been great to us over here at Fear and Gaming, and we love the diverse crop of independent and brilliantly done comics they offer. We love to take the opportunity when we have it to post reviews and previews of their works. This is one of those chances. Below find a few page preview of “Over the Garden Wall” a one-shot comic by Patrick McHale and illustrated by Jim Campbell, and is an accompaniment to the first ever original cartoon by Cartoon Network. Please enjoy the preview and heavenly artwork. Make sure to pick up a copy of the comic as well. Make sure to follow me on twitter @rpdgame. For reviews of Boom! Studios’ comics, stop by Hank Van Hawkins’ blog here.

Buy Over the Garden Wall



OverTheGardenWall_coverB OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-3 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-4 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-5 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-6 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-7 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-8


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