She said He said #1

What do you mean I gotta leave AND I don't get to beat on Penguin's beak?
What do you mean I gotta leave AND I don’t get to beat on Penguin’s beak?

1-28-15: ” Gotham”

Here is our first edition of “She said He said.” It is our “watercooler” talk about shows. This week follows the return of Master Wayne to Gotham, as well as Gordon to his police station in Gotham. Some spoilers are ahead, so Read on if you’re ready.


So, second (third) episode back from the break. Seems like the stakes have been raised. We saw the return of master Bruce and Alfred. Wow, the level of violence in this last episode. Looks like things are spiraling out of control, eh? Thoughts?

love it when things spiral out of control and no episode has done that more than last night’s…


I was a little uncomfortable through out the episode with Gordan’s choices, thinking woah he’s kinda teetering on self destruct mode… His emotions taking over any rational behavior. Now, after that ending, I realize that’s what they were building too. I wonder if he’s going to “go” with it or if he’s going to have a mental break.

On the flip side, Bruce shut off the emotion.

In fact, if I start to think about it… The adults of the episode were all over the place in a desperate- no control -over emotional way but the “kids” put the walk up & turned off any emotional response. Curious.

Anyway. Just some immediate thoughts. Thanks for including me in the conversation!
-Black Sparrow

Yeah, kris I didn’t pick up on that tidbit about the kids.
What I did notice was my disappointment about there being no penguin torture scene. I hate to advocate violence or torture, but…


Penguin escaped torture due to his good fortune my man !  Fish will still not give up now that she has escaped her fate … this tussle between the two of them may never end !! I like how his muscle solves the case for Mr Gordon by coaxing a confession  !!! Greatness albeit it is busy it is a bullseye !


Yeah, we noticed the same thing watching. I commented that “it’s not just the good guys that get the breaks.”

Was it just me, or did you guys see the Fish Mooney and Harvey Bullock kiss? The moment kind of fell flat for me. So did the Bruce Wayne moments. I just want to have a sit down with the kid and talk about the birds and the bees. Maybe set him up with a therapist.



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