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Legion of Boom! Fall of Cthulhu Omnibus TP 10 page preview





























We enjoy Boom! so much here that I’ve decided to offer some weekly previews of the comics that are being featured. This article is focused on Fall of Cthulhu Omnibus TP. There articles offer no opinion, no review, just a preview and information so you can decide whether or not to buy. without much more ado, on to our Fall of Cthulu Omnisbus 10 page preview.


For more about Boom! Studios, stop by for our own coverage

Or check out their  website.

Boom! Studios website


Author: Michael Alan Nelson
Artists: Greg Scott, Mateus Santolouco, Mark Dos Santos, Various


Fall of Cthulu omnibus trade paperback
Fall of Cthulu omnibus trade paperback
Fall of Cthulu omnibus trade paperback
Fall of Cthulu omnibus trade paperback

Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-10 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-11 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-12 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-13 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-14 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-15 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-16




Writer and lover of life. I've been writing for a long time in one form or another. I just finished the first installment of my comic book 'Vile: Legends of Thunder Valley that will also be a pen and paper role-playing game in the future. I also have a development deal with INC. Comics for a future series titled "Gears and Ghosts." I just moved to Seattle and I also coach and play baseball. I just finished up a rough copy of my first children's book "Helgen's Tale." No table of contents, no pictures except for the cover. Just a story and some basic information. You can get it for kindle @ Swing by my SOBS podcast also. It's about baseball, music, comics and some general ramblings by two men that never really grew up. We have guests that haven't either. R

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