Deadpool Party! Merc with a mouth returns to the original Secret Wars

I would've cut so many more lawns when I was a kid if this would've been a real thing.
I would’ve cut so many more lawns when I was a kid if this would’ve been a real thing.

Ol’ Wade Wilson is known for being off of his rocker, but he’s been correct about a few things. Like, remember that time he tracked down Carnage and drove him mad? Ah those were the times. So, Deadpool decides that the new Secret Wars isn’t cool or quirky enough for him, so coming up, he’ll be returning to the original series. Let’s hope he gives the Beyonder a wedgie. Read on for more information and some sweet sweet images of our red and black killer for hire in Secret Secret Wars.





“Way back when, right after I had finished Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, we were looking for something out of the ordinary as a follow up,” Bunn tells “One of my first suggestions was to have Deadpool thrown back in time into the middle of the original Secret Wars limited series. At the time, we decided to go in a different direction, but the idea of having Wade playing a big, in-continuity role in the events of that series stuck with me.”’s interview with Bunn expands on his excitement of inserting Deadpool into all of these classic scenes from Secret Wars, especially when he meets and interacts with the Marvel heroes from the 80’s.


“When Deadpool introduces himself to the other heroes, most of them have no idea who he is,” Bunn notes. “At least, most of them are unwilling to admit that they know him! As the battle between good and evil commences, Deadpool gets plenty of opportunities to annoy the hell out of every major hero and villain in the Marvel Universe before the festivities are done!”


This May, DEADPOOL’S SECRET SECRET WARS rudely places itself into Marvel continuity and into comic book retailers everywhere. . Follow Marvel on Facebook at and be sure to join the conversation on Twitter with #Marvel#SecretWars, @Marvel @rpdgame


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