Frugal find Fridays

I try to stay away from campy titles, although they seem to work, so please forgive me for this one. I get caught up reporting facts, reviewing games and writing my own stuff, so I don’t get enough opportunities to get out in the “Field” and find goodies. That changed this week. My girlfriend and I have been on a hunting spree of sorts, covering much of the Seattle area. Below I will add some of the pictures of the comics/games related stuff we found, as well as just a couple of other things that caught our attention and we just needed to have. Comments are welcome.

Old brick of a PS2

Buried within a mound of throwaway tech at Goodwill in Shoreline, Wa. I found several olf PS2s as well as the old XBOX. Man, in retrospect, I really should have gotten an XBOX. I just dusted off my collector’s edition copy of of Halo 2, too. Anyway, it’s dusty and dirty, and didn’t come with a cord or controller. Lucky, I’m an interprising packrat and I’ve been storing a universal AV cord for just this occasion. A quick stop by Gamestop for a 5 dollar power cord and I’m off and gaming. Now, if I could only find my copy of Shadow of Colossus.


Found for 15 dollars. Welcome home brick of a PS2. Welcome home.
Found for 15 dollars. Welcome home brick of a PS2. Welcome home.




















Spider-Man Valentines

Yeah, I’m a softie for Ol’ Webhead. Almost anything I see that has Spidey on it, I get it. I have a problem. The other day, I asked Kris to bring me my coffee in my Spider-Man cup. I said “Not this cup, the other Spider-Man cup. Wow. I have a problem don’t I?” And she nodded her head softly. She proceeded to tell me my Spider-Man socks and undies were clean…Moving on.

So, it’s Valentine’s day and I found this grade school Valtine’s card that come with a book mark. Everyone that knows me knows about Spidey too, so if you get a letter in the mail form me with an awesome bookmark/ruler-you’re welcome.


That is a "It's clobberin' Time!" sticker underneath.
That is a “It’s clobberin’ Time!” sticker underneath.

























She makes comics shirt

Ala Rosie the Riveter, this shirt shows a similar pose, but with a gal ready to sling some ink. My girlfriend has become a comic lover, and my favorite writers are female. Hey G. Willow Wilson and Kelly Sue DeConnick *giggle hehe*

I don't know who SHE is, but I know that this shirt is pretty awesome. My favorite comics writers are female too.
I don’t know who SHE is, but I know that this shirt is pretty awesome. My favorite comics writers are female too.












Super Steam-Punk Steamer Trunk

Over 100 years old, and only 25 bucks at Goodwill. Opens up into a wardrobe with storage space. Was used to carry a lot of clothes while traveling via steamboat. Was thinking of flipping it but, it looks good holding comics and as a coffee table. We will take good care of it.


IMG_2881_2 IMG_2880









Dagwood sandwich

Okay, so this one wasn’t frugal, but it was a find! Anyone remember the Dagwood cartoon strip in the paper? No? Wow, I’m the oldest gamer ever.

Wow, they should really use this picture on their menu.














Have any stories of great frugal finds? Share them with us here.




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