Aquaman review and Convergence coverage

As an update to my last review, I do want to report that Swamp Thing will have his own Convergence title!  Although I am sure it will be a short lived and limited run. That being said…
   Thank goodness Aquaman is not getting quite the same chop for DC’s upcoming Convergence event. Whew.  Without giving the best parts away I can’t say enough good things about all the character building The New 52 did for Aquaman. He came out of it all smelling like roses. It is no wonder he is going to survive because his popularity is higher than it has ever been before. So I wonder why he is going to survive and Aquaman and the Others is not? That is the one sad twist to this review is the cancellation of that title which I happened to also enjoy very much. It brought even more depth to him as well as a fresh drawing board as far as back stories and aquaman relevant characters. Although the series was short lived I feel like it should have stayed as well and I can almost bet it will make its way back to having its own title sooner or later. It is worth checking out if you ask me.  Obviously the latest solo run has helped his reputation quite a bit as well and I only hope Convergence doesn’t take too much away from what has been established of him thus far.  Although rumor has part of the chop he will receive is he is going to be losing his arm again.. I have collected various Aquaman titles in the past before but never as a whole. I am here to tell you I have every graphic novel of the New 52 run as well as the most current issues.  If you have not checked any of them out do it asap! Geoff Johns kicks off the series and it couldn’t have been a more explosive of a start ! It engaged me through the very in depth writing and the art work is stellar. I have always dug underwater scenes and you can’t get much of a cooler backdrop than Atlantis. 
So obviously I have alot of good things to say. Normally I back off from reviewing something I already love since I am bound to merely gush about it through my entire article. However with his New 52 rebirth it almost seems to me like it is a better character than ever before. I always saw the potential but until Geoff Johns stepped I never really felt too many writers actually captured the toughness we all wanted to see out of Aquaman. There was no better super hero for me to emulate as a kid. The lack of general knowledge about him was part of creating a mystery to him that played a large part in the appeal I had for him.  That’s when my curiosity about him started it’s momentum. Essentially what is coming to light with The Convergence event is that he is going to be separated from the ocean itself? His home as well as the source of his strength and powers..  They are shooting for a dark and intense Aquaman.. Did I miss something ? I though the latest Aquaman was dark and intense?  Hell playing his character in the Video game God’s among Us will tell you that much. So I am weary despite his survival it does seem they are re-inventing him again and since I have enjoyed everything about him recently I stand concerned. Now that he is also going to be in the Justice League movie as well as his own movie haven’t they finally mined the moxie out of the character so why the need for change? Aquaman is bigger, badder, darker and better than ever before ! I can’t wait for the movie and Jason Momoa is going to be a great Arthur Curry!! 
 All this Convergence talks gives me a headache. It is not generating nearly the excitement that the Blackest Night or New 52 did. Of course this has yet to be seen. These are just my initial feelings considering I have thoroughly enjoyed the New 52.  At first glance the new art work for Aquaman it looks a little too cartoonish for me. I always had an affection for Aquaman there was not a super hero that I liked to mimic more than Aquaman while hanging out at the community pool. Now he is poised to be a major hero for the next generation and I couldn’t be more excited. However I am a bit cautious with the constant reinvention of characters. I don’t mind major plot changes but entire character changes is a bit tiresome. I know the next generation of comic book fans will have a lot more info on Aquaman and decidedly they will point him in the direction he is supposed to head.Obviously his movie his bound to generate a lot of new toys and comic titles. People are going to want more of a Aquaman and I only hope DC keeps the quality level up as high up as it has had it for the last several years.   
Hank Van Hawkins

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