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Vile #1

Vile #1

Written by: Richard Paul Davis
Published by: Richard Paul Davis
Edited by: Richard Paul Davis
Colored by: Carl Bolton
Lettered by: Carl Bolton
Pencils: Francis Nuguit
Inks: Francis Nuguit
Variant Cover by: Francis Nuguit
Colored by: Sara Machajewski
Lettered by: Sara Machajewski
Price: $1.99

Legend of Thunder Valley
Thunder-Valley 1890
In the pristine and bountiful heart of Thunder Valley, a tribe of Indians is attempting to find their own place within the natural way. Made up of several different tribes and bands, they’ve left the reservation’s confines and attempt to live on the land as their ancestors once did.

The mysterious forces that swirl and pulsate in Thunder-Valley can give great gifts, but they can also spawn the most horrible creatures and tragedies imaginable. The Thunder-Beings, the spirits tasked with overseeing this rift, this churning fountain of creation, have become complacent. Their neglect of the order has left the great machine of life unattended. Energy slips out and sometimes pours into the valley. Thoughts and hopes, fears and desire gift life to evils that never knew life. Long dead gods find power.

The gods here are as real as the horrors and triumphs in and around Thunder-Valley. In fact, through the dreams and nightmares of the living, new gods are born everyday. One of those creatures, and tragedies, is “Vile” Clem Styles. However, this is the story of one of the lost souls that encounters him.

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