Interview with Colorist Eleonora Dalla Rosa

1. What initially appealed you to about Vile?
The story, first of all. I read Vile #1 when Richard contacted me to color the second issue and the plot was pretty engaging and the characters so well portrayed that I was really curious to know more and give my contribute to it! 
2. What kind of research did you do to prepare for the work?
Reading the script is of course essential to understand which mood I need to give to the page. Then, depending on the story, sometimes I need to look for some real life images, especially if the plot is set in the past, in a precise period of time with its own visual culture references! And last, movies and comics are always a great source of inspiration for a specific scene/atmosphere.
3. What is your favorite aspect of working on Vile?
I think seeing how the project slowly comes to life: there are many people working on it, writer, artist, colorist, letterer… everyone puts something necessary in it and together we make it worth. Looking at the final result makes me really proud! 
4. Any moments or portions of the book that you are most proud of?
Well, the pages I started working on, of course, so from number 09! I really wanted to make a good impression with my coloring and at the same time I was pleasantly surprised to see how much freedom Antonio’s drawing style could give me!    
5. For anyone that is unfamiliar with your work,  please describe your style and approach?
I start working on each page dividing the inked lines from the white background, then i do the flats colors. My coloring style is soft shaded so the next step is to add soft lights and shadows to make objects and characters three-dimensional. The final part is adjusting the lightning depending which kind of atmosphere i need to give to the scene.
6. In your words, give us a brief pitch for Vile?
Badass guys, brave ladies, old gods and good luck.
7. What was the one tool you used most on Vile? It can be a certain sized pencil, an eraser, something new that you tried out?
Adobe Photoshop, the software I always use for my digital coloring combined with my pen tablet.
8. Every member of our team lives far apart from every other. We have Wa, OH, Portugal, London I believe. I think that our work flow is pretty convenient and professional. Is there anything you would do to help streamline things?
Although our communication system by email is already quite efficient, I would say that maybe we could have all the materials we produce (scripts, references, drafts and pages) gathered in just one place in an even more organized way.
9. After I found your colors, I knew I had to have you work on this book. I adore your style. You add texture and depth that I don’t see very often in comics. How careful are you with choosing the textures and palette while working on Vile?
The Vile western-thriller atmosphere naturally suggested me that using a kind of worn-out paper texture could have helped to make the pages mood even rougher and old, like a story lost in time. I really like mixing the hues and the texture grain using a soft brush, creating a kind of watercolors effect. About the palette I generally try to experiment using opposite tints (blue and yellow, green and red) to emphasize the contrast between background and characters, to drive the attention on a specific detail and to make the readers feel the tension of the scene.

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