Boom! Studios’ free comic book offering outlined

Boom! Studios celebrates its Ten Year anniversary with this fantastic looking Free Comic Day Special. It has a cover by David Petersen of Mouse Guard Fame. Read on to see all of the stories to appear in their free comic special.


The BOOM! Studios Ten Year Celebration 2015 Free Comic Book Day Special features a cover illustrated by Mouse Guard creator David Petersen and will contain the following stories:


Jim Henson’s Labyrinth

“Wisdom and Idioms”

Written and Illustrated by Cory Godbey

An all-new short based on Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. The Wiseman and his bird try to find some humor in the magical world of Labyrinth.



Written and Illustrated by S.M. Vidaurri

Young Carson discusses magic and time with a wizard in this special preview of the upcoming Archaia original graphic novel written and illustrated by Iron: Or, the War After creator S.M. Vidaurri.


Mouse Guard

“Service to Seyan”

Written and Illustrated by David Petersen

An excerpt from Mouse Guard: Baldwin the Brave and Other Tales. Gwendolyn learns about her mother Alma and the great warrior hall of Seyan.


Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake: Card Wards

Created by Pendleton Ward

Written by Jen Wang

Illustrated by Britt Wilson

A brand-new Fionna & Cake short from writer Jen Wang (In Real Life) and Britt Wilson (Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake)! Fionna and Cake are on the search for an opponent for Cake to play against in Card Wars.


Regular Show

“Coffee Shop Special!”

Created by JG Quintel

Written by Kevin Church

Illustrated by Coleman Engle

Based on the hit Cartoon Network animated series, Eileen and Margaret make Muscle Man his special drink.




Created by Charles M. Schulz

Story by Charles M. Schulz

Pencils by Vicki Scott

Snoopy looks to finally become the World’s Greatest Author, but Lucy’s help may not be the helpful push he needs.



“Fast Feline”

Created by Jim Davis

Written by Mark Evanier

Illustrated by Andy Hirsch

Nothing can keep Garfield from a good meal, even if it means having to beat the fastest cat to get it.



Created by Shannon Watters, Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis

Written by Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis

Illustrated by Brooke Allen

When the Lumberjanes aren’t taking care of pesky critters or crazy demigods, they’re making fun crafts like friendship bracelets. Friendship to the max!



“Table of Contents”

Written and Illustrated by John Kovalic

Fight the monsters, steal the treasure, and backstab your buddy! A wandering monster table appears in this short from the illustrator of the hit card game Munchkin, John Kovalic.


Help Us! Great Warrior

Written and illustrated by Madeleine Flores

Based on the hit webcomic and new miniseries from Madeleine Flores. Great Warrior gets attacked on the road!

The BOOM! Studios Ten Year Celebration 2015 Free Comic Book Day Special will be offered free to fans at their participating local comic book shop on Free Comic Book Day, May 2, 2015. Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer? Use or to find one!


HaloGen to light up shelves in March




























Boom! Studios imprint Archaia is adding impressive titles like a mad rich collector. HalGen, a new mini-series from Josh Tierny, Afu Chan and Giannis Milonogiannis will hit shelves March 4th. The team is loaded with Award winners and talent. Boom! is also celebrating its 10 year anniversary so congratulate them in the comments. You hardly look your age Boom!!

Read on for full details, and check back here for more coverage and a preview once it’s available.



February 4, 2015 (Los Angeles, Calif.) – This March, Archaia, an imprint of award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios, is pleased to announce the new limited series HaloGen from Josh Tierney (Spera), Afu Chan (Spera), and Giannis Milonogiannis (Prophet, Old City Blues). The series will be written by Tierney and illustrated by Chan. Previously collaborators on the Eisner Award-nominated series Spera, the trio has come together to create a new sci-fi series in the vein of Prophet, Rocket Girl, and The Fifth Element.


“Josh, Afu, and Giannis have already proven they know how to create sprawling worlds and well-rounded characters, and now they’re taking us into the deep reaches of space for a unique adventure,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “You’ll meet Rell this March in the pages of HaloGen, and her story is a very cool sci-fi thriller.”


In HaloGen, there’s a rumor on Cityship Q that the gigantic body of a dead god was found floating in space. Rell, an agent working for the HaloGen organization, is tasked with finding the location of the god and retrieving it by any means necessary. Using her ability to form hyper-realistic holograms, Rell is about to take on the first mission she might not be able to finish.


HaloGen #1 arrives in comic shops on March 4th from Archaia with a main cover by series artist Afu Chan for the price of $3.99 under Diamond order code JAN151145. Also available in a limited quantity are a 10 Years Anniversary incentive cover by Ramón K. Pérez (Hawkeye, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand), and a retailer incentive cover by co-creator Giannis Milonogiannis.
The Final Order Cutoff deadline for retailers is February 9th. Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer? Use or to find one! It’s also available for order directly from

halogen 2

Legion of Boom! Fall of Cthulhu Omnibus TP 10 page preview





























We enjoy Boom! so much here that I’ve decided to offer some weekly previews of the comics that are being featured. This article is focused on Fall of Cthulhu Omnibus TP. There articles offer no opinion, no review, just a preview and information so you can decide whether or not to buy. without much more ado, on to our Fall of Cthulu Omnisbus 10 page preview.


For more about Boom! Studios, stop by for our own coverage

Or check out their  website.

Boom! Studios website


Author: Michael Alan Nelson
Artists: Greg Scott, Mateus Santolouco, Mark Dos Santos, Various


Fall of Cthulu omnibus trade paperback
Fall of Cthulu omnibus trade paperback
Fall of Cthulu omnibus trade paperback
Fall of Cthulu omnibus trade paperback

Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-10 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-11 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-12 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-13 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-14 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-15 Fall_of_Cthulhu_Omnibus_TP_PRESS-16


Legion of Boom! Cluster #1 preview

Cluster #1 issue preview

Look out for a review tonight of this new title by Ed Brisson of “The Field” fame. For more information on Boom! Studios, check out our Boom! Studios coverage, or stop by their site.

Ed Brisson’s website






























BOOM_Cluster_001_C_10_Years_Incentive BOOM_Cluster_001_D_Variant BOOM_Cluster_001_PRESS-7 BOOM_Cluster_001_PRESS-8 BOOM_Cluster_001_PRESS-9 BOOM_Cluster_001_PRESS-10 BOOM_Cluster_001_PRESS-11 BOOM_Cluster_001_PRESS-12



Revelations Trade paperback review

Elegant noir from Boom! Studios


Review covers issues #1-3

Richard Crowsong Davis

Noir and detective stories haven’t been seen much lately. At least, not by mine eyes. Most of what is put out now is a cliche of a stereotype; ‘Maltese Falcon’ rip offs that have been copied and pasted until they’re nothing but grit and smut. Cigarette butts and sticky floors. That’s why ‘Revelation’ from Author Paul Jenkins and artist Humberto Ramos is such a, well, revelation.

The story is a lightly boiled crime/suspension/supernatural mystery that focuses on the hyper-aware senses of Charlie Northern. Charlie  is beyond cynical. He’s capable of far more than sardonic. There really isn’t an equal in crime or detective stories that I can compare him to. He’s somewhere between Bruce Willis in the ‘Last Boy Scout’ and Dr. House. He doesn’t like anything but smoking, and of course his desire to smoke more. He is recruited by an old friend, we believe, who has become a cardinal in Vatican city. The vinegary detective Northern joins the hunt for a killer of a vatican priest who happens to be next in line to the ‘throne’ of pope. He seemingly does it for nothing more than an excuse to moan and complain incessantly. He’s truly unique when it comes to Englishmen I’ve met and seen portrayed. He has no problem pissing off other detectives, priests and anyone that crosses his path. He’s damn near likable one moment, and nearly intolerable the next. Exactly who you would want and would expect investigating the famously secret Vatican.

The circumstances with which our victim meets his fate is suspicious at best, and traitorous at its worth. No matter what the cause, something is very wrong in Rome. Charlie Northern’s foul mouth and seeming lack of interest is a nice counter balance to Humberto Ramos’ elegant and picturesque Vatican. The art is the most interesting when it is in the dark corners of a London flat or the halls of the Vatican. Ramos is a deft hand at drawing emotion and evoking it from the landscapes and  streets he creates. The dark tone of the story is carried well by Ramos’ art and lets the story breath. The grim content lends itself to melancholy and the art add a filter of innocence to us, or the characters of the story, and doesn’t let the sadness or melancholy settle in.

The only issues I had with the story, through the first 3 installments of the mini-series, is the wordiness and rushed exposition. I understand things must be revealed and long conversations must be had, but the personality of the Detective and the lack of one of his cardinal friend aren’t quite enough to make the first issues compelling. Minor nitpick, truly, as the chase and investigation are the true focus of the story.

This is a nice read, and Detective Northern is gradually growing on me. Or, I’m getting used to him. Used to him like smokers become accustomed to their own cigarette smoke. I’m going to finish off the series and write another review because there is enough here to keep going and suggest it to others. Even though Charlie Northern is grating at times, he is a different type of detective, at least on the surface, and I wold love to see more characters that try to bend their molds. So, no more blabbing and opinions of mine. There are 10 pages of preview here for you to read and decide for yourself. Remember to stop back by and go by my Twitter @rpdgame


Boom! Studios homepage

More Boom! Studios coverage

Revelations_TPB_PRESS-7 Revelations_TPB_PRESS-9 Revelations_TPB_PRESS-10-11 Revelations_TPB_PRESS-12 Revelations_TPB_PRESS-13 Revelations_TPB_PRESS-14 Revelations_TPB_PRESS-15 Revelations_TPB_PRESS-16 Revelations_TPB_PRESS-17 Revelations_TPB_PRESS-18

‘Big Trouble in Little China’ Comicbook review By Hank Van Hawkins

This ain't your daddy's Kurt Russell Big Trouble. Ok, may be it is. And, maybe that's what made it great.
This ain’t your daddy’s Kurt Russell Big Trouble. Ok, may be it is. And, maybe that’s what made it great.

Big Trouble in Little China Comic Book review

Including 5 page preview of issue #6

   Whew this is a cool title. I loved the movie as a kid and nothing excites me more than picking up where a story left off via comic book or sequel to see what became of our heroes and protagonists.  Despite the dialogue being sparse in places, the artwork functions well in telling the story.  I have to tell you I was exited before even opening the book. Although it took me a bit to warm up to the idea, because at first glance it appears to be a novelty to sling some comic books. However, that being said, the stories flow well and it fed my curiosity without totally satisfying my hunger for more.  Also, all the characters from the movie are all still accounted for and now find themselves delving deeper and deeper into the dark side of Little China.

    Obviously this is for fans of the movie. On the flip side though this title could easily convince a comic book reader to want to seek out the movie if they had never seen it before. So, its appeal works to a two pronged effect. Essentially extending the stories from where the movie left off while at the same time being a real hearty promotion for the movie itself. It is a cult classic as it is and has already proven to have a healthy shelf life. Although I had my doubts before reading it, I have to say that it feels like a well executed idea. I know I am anxious to check into the first four issues now. Not to mention I am going to keep a close eye on where they keep going with the stories and arcs. Because they still have the same enemies as in the movie, they have introduced a lot of new strange and weird characters that are both friends and foes to their cause.

I am more than pleasantly surprised by the voracity of the title to do such a thing as picking up where the movie left off or simply just exploring the world created by the movie quite a bit more. I am suggesting this as a read for fans of the movie by all means, but I am also recommending it to comic readers to check out at least an issue and take a little peek inside of this very unique and creatively built world.  The main hero in the story to me is Wang, and he remains intact and still at the side of our favorite wannabe hero Jack Burton and they are both still on the run from the Lords of Death.  It’s an action packed comic and sure not to disappoint you, regardless of how big a fan you are of the movie.  The only other thing I want to express is that Jack Burton’s smart mouth and over the top attitude carry over from the big screen to the small page without missing a sarcastic beat.

Hank Van Hawkins

Want to know more about Big Trouble in Little China? Have click the link in the previous sentence, and read below for a 5-page preview with a couple variant covers.


Here is another of the variant covers for the comic

BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-4 BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-5 BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-6 BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-7 BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-8 BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-9

‘Hit: 1955’ Trade Paperback coming from Boom! in December

This Noir edition continues the tradition of edgy and well crafted comics by Boom!
This Noir edition continues the tradition of edgy and well crafted comics by Boom!

Relive the Darker Side of Los Angeles with the Harvey Award-Nominated ‘Hit: 1955’ Trade Paperback

Hit: 1955 TP Cover by Vanesa R. Del Rey


November 11, 2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios is pleased to announce the December debut of the Hit: 1955 trade paperback. The collection includes all four issues of the Harvey Award-nominated, gritty crime noir story that explores the darker side of the Los Angeles Police Department in the 1950s. Writer Bryce Carlson teams up with Russ Manning Award for Most Promising Newcomer and Harvey Award nominee Vanesa R. Del Rey (The Empty Man) for a story that looks at the twisted history of the LAPD and the policemen who did a little wetwork under the table in the name of cleaning up crime.


Hit is one of my favorite books we’ve ever published,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “Bryce and Vanesa arrived on the comic book scene lightning-fast last year. It was a groundbreaking debut for two creators that took us to Los Angeles in 1950s and delivered a gem of a noir story. This collection is a must-have for fans of beautiful art, great writing, and comics that add a little something new to the industry. Plain and simple, Hit delivers.”


In Hit: 1955, they say the eyes are the window to the soul. You look at Harvey Slater and you’ll see a homicide detective chasing cigarettes with a few fingers of bourbon. You look into his eyes, and you’ll see a hitman who spends his nights making “untouchable” criminals disappear for the Los Angeles Police Department. But all it takes is a blonde bombshell from his past and a crime syndicate trying to muscle in while Mickey Cohen’s in prison to open Slater’s eyes to who he really is. This book collects the complete four-issue limited series, features the never-before-seen prose short story, “Bonnie,” and includes an introduction by American crime author Duane Swierczynski.


Praise for Hit:


“A violent piece of 1950s noir…comics’ next big ‘Hit’.” – USA Today


“Loved Hit…dark, twisted noir.” – Scott Snyder (Batman, Detective Comics)


“Man, this is good stuff… Suspensful and quirky without being hard to read or impenetrable. Art’s great, too!” – Mark Waid (Irredeemable, The Flash)


“Writer Bryce Carlson has a skill for heightened noir dialogue and creates a strong hook…but the main draw of Hit is Vanesa R. Del Rey’s atmospheric, expressive artwork…“ – The A.V. Club


“The story is compelling, the flawed, gruff human at the center of the action is compelling to read and the plot itself feels fresh and new despite the 60-year-old setting. … This is a fine bit of noir and it makes me itch for more.” – Comic Book Resources


“…one complicated slice of nasty noir during the golden age of Los Angeles…” – Newsarama


“Thanks to a fresh approach to the detective genre and great art, Hit #1 really packs a wallop. Looks like BOOM! Studios has another hit on their hands. Pun intended.” – IGN


“…Hit gets at the heart of what makes noir so compelling, and plays out the formula in all its glory.” – Multiversity


“The story is compelling and keeps you engrossed, living up to its name many times in the first issue alone.” – Graphic Policy


“Carlson and Del Rey have put together a book that captures a long-past era, but still manages to feel fresh and new, while containing many of the conventions that make stories like this so compelling in the first place.” – The MacGuffin


“Sometimes you just need a meat-and-potatoes detective pulp story to just immerse yourself into, and Hit is perfect for that.” – All-Comic


“It’s clear that a lot of research and love for the crime genre went into this project, and it shows.” – Comic Bastards
The Hit: 1955 trade paperback arrives in comic book shops on December 10th with a cover by series artist Vanesa R. Del Rey for the price of $14.99 under Diamond Code SEP141119. The Final Order Cutoff date for comics retailers is November 17th. Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer? Use or to find one! It’s also available for pre-order directly from

Over the Garden Wall One-shot Preview article

OverTheGardenWall_coverABoom! Studios has been great to us over here at Fear and Gaming, and we love the diverse crop of independent and brilliantly done comics they offer. We love to take the opportunity when we have it to post reviews and previews of their works. This is one of those chances. Below find a few page preview of “Over the Garden Wall” a one-shot comic by Patrick McHale and illustrated by Jim Campbell, and is an accompaniment to the first ever original cartoon by Cartoon Network. Please enjoy the preview and heavenly artwork. Make sure to pick up a copy of the comic as well. Make sure to follow me on twitter @rpdgame. For reviews of Boom! Studios’ comics, stop by Hank Van Hawkins’ blog here.

Buy Over the Garden Wall



OverTheGardenWall_coverB OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-3 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-4 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-5 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-6 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-7 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-8

Boom! Box announces its first trade paperback ‘The Midas Flesh’ part 1

We’re always keen to see anything new from Boom! Studios, especially our writer Hank Van Hawkins. We’re even more excited to see something from the Boom! off-shoot Boom! Box. The cover for Midas Flesh is gorgeous, and the creative collective of Ryan North, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb have crafted what looks to be an indie darling and cult hit. I’m personally brushing up on the series myself before the trade drops. Read on below for more details, and keep up with our blog to receive up-to-date indie news, especially Boom! Studios content.

This is the Emily Partridge cover for Midas Flesh
Gorgeous and haunting Illustration by Emily Partridge









BOOM! Box, an Imprint of BOOM! Studios, Announces Its First Collected Trade Paperback with ‘The Midas Flesh’ Vol. 1
The Midas Flesh Vol. 1 TP Cover by Emily Partridge

November 5,  2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Nearly one year ago, award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios announced their newest imprint BOOM! Box, a home for comics “made for the love of it.” The publisher is now pleased to announce the collected first volume of the imprint’s inaugural series, The Midas Flesh. Created by the longtime creative team behind the Adventure Time comics, writer Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) and artists Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb, The Midas Flesh is an edge-of-your-seat, save-the-universe adventure with two butt-kickin’ ladies and a dinosaur in a spacesuit. The first volume collects issues #1-4 of this quirky space epic and features a casewrap covered in striking gold fingerprints.

“When you create an imprint that’s intended to encourage weird, experimental, and eclectic comics, you have to start off with a series that really embodies that mission,” said BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “The Midas Flesh is just that for BOOM! Box. Ryan, Shelli, and Braden have already proven themselves to be some of the best storytellers in comics with their run on Adventure Time, and they’ve outdone themselves with The Midas Flesh. Plus: dinosaur on a spaceship. Hard to beat that.”

About The Midas Flesh: We’ve all heard of the Midas Touch. You know, the Greek myth about the man who did a number on himself by wishing for everything he touched to turn to gold? Well, you haven’t heard everything. Joey and her space crew have decided to return to Earth—a planet completely sectioned off, abandoned, and covered in gold—to find out exactly what happened to this once thriving planet and see if they can use that knowledge against the evil empire that’s tracking them down. As luck would have it, they just landed the most powerful weapon in the universe: some ancient dead guy’s body.

The Midas Flesh Vol. 1 trade paperback arrives in comic shops on December 3rd with a cover price of $14.99 under Diamond order code OCT141163. The cover is illustrated by Emily Partridge (Adventure Time). The Final Order Cutoff deadline for retailers is November 10th. Not sure where to find your nearest comic retailer? Use or to find one! It’s also available for order directly from



Founded by Ross Richie in 2005, Diamond Gem Award-winning “Best Publisher” BOOM! Studios ( generates a constellation of best-selling Eisner and Harvey Award-winning original and licensed comic books and graphic novels with the industry’s top talent. BOOM! Studios is comprised of four distinct imprints. The original Studios imprint is home to Mike Carey’s Suicide Risk; James Tynion IV’s The Woods; Mark Waid’s Irredeemable; Sons of Anarchy; and Big Trouble in Little China. Steven Grant’s graphic novel 2 Guns was released as a feature film from Universal Pictures, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. BOOM!’s all-ages imprint KaBOOM! publishes Charles Schulz’ Peanuts; Jim Davis’ Garfield; Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Steven Universe; Mike Kunkel’s Herobear and the Kid; and Natasha Allegri’s Bee and PuppyCat. BOOM!’s experimental imprint BOOM! Box publishes The Midas Flesh and Lumberjanes. In June 2013, BOOM! acquired Archaia Entertainment ( Archaia is the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning graphic novel publisher of Mouse Guard, Cow Boy, Gunnerkrigg Court, Rust, and Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand. In October 2013, BOOM! Studios entered into a unique first-look relationship with 20th Century Fox, giving the studio access to its library of titles and giving the publisher access to Fox’s vast catalog of films. In August 2014, BOOM! Studios began a similar first-look relationship with 20th Century Fox TV to develop properties for the small screen.

Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #6 review + 5 page preview By Hank Van Hawkins


Nightbreed  #6 review

Admittedly I am having fun with my press pass. I am getting to read so many great comics from Boom! for free. Of course that hasn’t stopped me from actually going into my local store and buying some hard copies for myself as well. I am at my weakest on Wednesdays damn it.  One free issue of a great series will always compel you to buy other issues in order to find out the whole story for your self.  (The whole point to Free Comic Book Day) At least it does for me and my own buying habits.  

Nightbreed in particular has been one issue I read that has prompted me to find out more about the series as a whole. Personally you can’t go wrong with anything Clive Barker has a part in.   Over the many years I have been reading comic books I have never been let down by a Clive Barker title of any sort and Nightbreed continues the hot streak. Granted the issue I picked up was  # 6  and it made no difference to me where the issue was in relation to the current arc because it provides just enough of what is going on along with a more than a hint at what is too come. Anytime a book explores the so called darker shadows and corners of our world the more apt I am to get into it.  Obviously this fantasy but it still doesn’t prevent itself from making a social statement on issues that currently plague society as a whole. If indeed there was a entire underworld of mythical creatures who lurk in the shadows and the dark recess of the human spirit it may make more sense out of this crazy world as a whole. 

   I am taking it upon myself to pick up the graphic novel for this series once its available. It ended up being ten times more entertaining that I had anticipated and I highly recommend it to others despite some character similarities to Hellboy it easily stands on its own as a series and has a great and eclectic cast of characters with a deep and intriguing back story to each of them.  Each is an outcast demon due to their extrasensory, supernatural, and other worldly attributes, appearances, and abilities. However they fit right in with the circus freaks without missing a beat. Yet their powers themselves struggle for relevance in the human world. So although they are demons at their simplest form they are merely humans just like the rest of us with their own set of challenges and prejudices. Obviously I suggest this as a pick up the next time you are in your comic shop looking for something new and exciting and you will see what I mean. The art is simple and direct to the point and the story flows with ease and leaves you wanting to know more about the characters and the hand that fate will play to them during this series run.  Kudos to Boom Studios for putting together such a great roster of titles and writers. They are really making a mark in the world of comics if you ask me and their juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down. I know I am keeping my eyes peeled from now on.   

Editor’s note: please have a look below for the 5 page preview of Nightbreed #6. Also, click on Hank’s name to visit his Facebook page.


 Hank Van Hawkins 

Nightbreed06_PRESS-3 Nightbreed06_PRESS-4 Nightbreed06_PRESS-9 Nightbreed06_PRESS-10 Nightbreed06_PRESS-11 Nightbreed06_PRESS-12