Belated fear piece

I haven’t written any of my blathering posts in a long time. Working on published work, or getting Vile out the door. That’s BS honestly. I’ve been procrastinating a lot, playing video games and coaching baseball. Crying a bit after the Cardinals lost to…the Cubs. The universe is right again after the fall of the mythic Maddon Cubs though.



Vile is everywhere in Seattle. One store in particular…Arcane Comics…has restocked 3 times. I can’t explain why, or how, or who or any other thing. The guys there are great, and Indy comics, or ones that the staff likes are behind the counter, right above all of their valuable ones. Tiny store, so shelf-space is quite valuable. Definitely considering an updated, ‘Arcane comics’ version for the world. Have it at cons and sell it in Arcane. Yeah, we’re going to do that. An Arcane edition of Vile. We meaning my Mac and me. If any of you guys at Arcane read this, by chance, (it could happen because I added them in my tweet) then thank you, thank you so much. Selling you folks copies is offsetting my serious and nearly debilitating habit of collecting comics. Bravo. Bravo.

In case you’re interested in getting Vile digitally, go to comixology. Here’s the link. Not the Zelda one.

Comics I’m reading

The Midnighter is hitting for me, and it’s hitting hard. Nothing is pressed or forced, the dialogue is snappy and seeing Dick Grayson make a couple of appearances gives Midnighter a place in the DC universe for me. I love seeing his personal life. Somehow, some way, this gay super-droid’s personal life seems more real than Peter PArker’s Or Bruce Wayne’s.

Head Lopper

Seriously, this is the kind of comic book that reminds me of why I love fantasy, and comics and so many things. Reminds me of Samurai Jack in a way. Hope that’s not insulting. It’s daunting to see it next to my comic I have to say. Vile is bare bones at 16 pages and $2.99, and Head Lopper is what, 100 at 5 or 6 bones? Ridiculously good-deal.

The Fade Out

Outside of a couple of things, like the Maltese Falcon, I’ve never been much of a noir guy. Kenshi at Arcane (I’m really not pandering here) suggested it was a good read. It is. It really is. I love Brubaker so much I want to be his housekeeper and go through his trash can and read his notes. Or bake him cookies or something. No spoilers here.

Space Riders

Another Kenshi suggestion. Picked up number one and it’s electric man, electric. I’m hoping Electric catches on. Anyway, this is the kind of comic, I imagine, that the cool guy I hung out with in High school read. The guy that dropped out and did drugs and had an anarchy tattoo. Had a T-Bird but quoted Bukowski. That’s a crappy description and I still hope you pick it up. It’s on issue #4 I believe.

Enough…now you read my words. Written last night. Goodbye.

Lightning, Lightning and Thunder. Lightning and thunder but there aint no rain.

-Guthrie Kennard

Real writers

I’m hoping to get to where I’m writing a ton again, though. I subscribe to the Warren Ellis newsletter, or blog. From the Thames Delta. Damn I like that title. Also, Keeping up with Kelly and Matt. Like we’re on a first name basis, right? Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction. I’m in it for the Kelly Sue bits. And the Chip Zdarsky. That dude is clever. I’ll link to their posts below so all 3 of your faithful readers can go over there and have a look. Sign up. Don’t unsubscribe though-Ellis is a demi-god and has those demi-god powers.

Warren Ellis’ latest newsletter

OMG is Matt and Kelly…with Chip

On to my ramble

Clean and Me

This, I hope, is the type of writing that is clean and free of pretense. No longer soiled by whimsy or defiled by fantasy. Strict adherence to order and minimal joy or candor.
Where do you even start? “You” being me in this case, being a coward and hypocrite. You raced long enough to circle back around to what you were running from. You thought it was something to catch, that you’d chased. You took the baton and raced on. I’m seriously not trying to use cliches or other things that make some things sound more exciting by making them sound like other things.
But, I think that since you’ve seen what you’ve done, and how you’ve become, that you can realize you were running in place of a ghost-a wraith from the past. You’ll look around and you will be okay with not being a prodigy, or a pioneer in anything. You will stop and be thankful you’ve become me.
Writing exercises
I want to take Spider-Man and have him sit down with the Punisher. Nick Fury and Captain America too. Have a general discussion. Or, I’d like to write that. I know, there’ve been people to do that before. It’s always done in comic-book style (imagine, that right?) and conversations are done light heartedly, or within crazed battle scenes. I want to do something different and see what makes them tick. But…I can’t. All i can concentrate on is my phone vibrating and these small bushes on the rooftop. I just did a triple-take. An honest to goodness triple-take. Only referenced in hushed whispers and top secret encoded writing amongst abnormally gifted observational artists. What makes these things fucking tick? The scions of American comic culture and heroic archetypes can go to hell. I want to deconstruct these fertile little rotodendrums. Holy hell. That word and description is all wrong. Spell-check cant even help me with that blunder. Seriously though. Are they stoic? Can they be stoic if they’ve never been…the opposite of stoic? Is this why we come up with jargon and colloquialisms? To describe nonsense like this? I nailed colloquialisms if you noticed? Oh sweet wonderous surprise…there are abnormally large wheat stalks to my left. Are they stalks? I’ve delved too deep into this blackish brackish pond. I must return to my comics below.

Vile: The Legend of Thunder Valley picked up by Alterna Comics

Hey all, as many of you know I’ve been sharing stories and talking comics with you for awhile. I’ve also been an aspiring comic creator for sometime as well. I’m happy to say that TWO of my comics have been picked up by publishers. The first is “VILE” and Alterna Comics has decided to publish the indie comic. The second is an ongoing series called GEARS AND GHOSTS by INC. comics.


Right now, I’m trying to raise the money to get VILE finished and out to publication late this summer. I have to raise money to finish the costs and hoping some of my readers could help spread the word. Spreading the word, contributing or perhaps offering services are all great and useful ways to contribute. I’m adding the campaign links below, as well as the web address. It goes without saying that I won’t be reviewing any more comics, but Hank may still! Thanks so much and please keep coming back, as I’ll still do some video games stuff as well as posting about my comics, and your news too.

<iframe src=”; width=”222px” height=”445px” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>

Vile Cover 1B

Frugal find Fridays

I try to stay away from campy titles, although they seem to work, so please forgive me for this one. I get caught up reporting facts, reviewing games and writing my own stuff, so I don’t get enough opportunities to get out in the “Field” and find goodies. That changed this week. My girlfriend and I have been on a hunting spree of sorts, covering much of the Seattle area. Below I will add some of the pictures of the comics/games related stuff we found, as well as just a couple of other things that caught our attention and we just needed to have. Comments are welcome.

Old brick of a PS2

Buried within a mound of throwaway tech at Goodwill in Shoreline, Wa. I found several olf PS2s as well as the old XBOX. Man, in retrospect, I really should have gotten an XBOX. I just dusted off my collector’s edition copy of of Halo 2, too. Anyway, it’s dusty and dirty, and didn’t come with a cord or controller. Lucky, I’m an interprising packrat and I’ve been storing a universal AV cord for just this occasion. A quick stop by Gamestop for a 5 dollar power cord and I’m off and gaming. Now, if I could only find my copy of Shadow of Colossus.


Found for 15 dollars. Welcome home brick of a PS2. Welcome home.
Found for 15 dollars. Welcome home brick of a PS2. Welcome home.




















Spider-Man Valentines

Yeah, I’m a softie for Ol’ Webhead. Almost anything I see that has Spidey on it, I get it. I have a problem. The other day, I asked Kris to bring me my coffee in my Spider-Man cup. I said “Not this cup, the other Spider-Man cup. Wow. I have a problem don’t I?” And she nodded her head softly. She proceeded to tell me my Spider-Man socks and undies were clean…Moving on.

So, it’s Valentine’s day and I found this grade school Valtine’s card that come with a book mark. Everyone that knows me knows about Spidey too, so if you get a letter in the mail form me with an awesome bookmark/ruler-you’re welcome.


That is a "It's clobberin' Time!" sticker underneath.
That is a “It’s clobberin’ Time!” sticker underneath.

























She makes comics shirt

Ala Rosie the Riveter, this shirt shows a similar pose, but with a gal ready to sling some ink. My girlfriend has become a comic lover, and my favorite writers are female. Hey G. Willow Wilson and Kelly Sue DeConnick *giggle hehe*

I don't know who SHE is, but I know that this shirt is pretty awesome. My favorite comics writers are female too.
I don’t know who SHE is, but I know that this shirt is pretty awesome. My favorite comics writers are female too.












Super Steam-Punk Steamer Trunk

Over 100 years old, and only 25 bucks at Goodwill. Opens up into a wardrobe with storage space. Was used to carry a lot of clothes while traveling via steamboat. Was thinking of flipping it but, it looks good holding comics and as a coffee table. We will take good care of it.


IMG_2881_2 IMG_2880









Dagwood sandwich

Okay, so this one wasn’t frugal, but it was a find! Anyone remember the Dagwood cartoon strip in the paper? No? Wow, I’m the oldest gamer ever.

Wow, they should really use this picture on their menu.














Have any stories of great frugal finds? Share them with us here.



Back from The holiday hole

My darling with our new favorite morning coffee containment units
My darling with our new favorite morning coffee containment units

Hey all of you. It’s been a bit here since we’ve done anything. Recovering from surgery and the holidays took a lot out of us, especially me (Richard) but we’re hoping to get on track again.

We’re restarting the podcast SOBS tonight. We’re going to be talking comics and baseball of course, and we might tackle Gotham, though I haven’t caught an episode since they took their little sabbatical over the holidays. A couple comic book that we will discuss are Swamp thing #32, and Gotham by Midnight. We were supposed to talk about Hellboy and the BPRD, but I’m late to that game and couldn’t find the first issue.

I’ve had some adventures here lately, in and around Seattle. I was able to meet with Ed Brisson, an indie writer of comics who was quite an interview. I hope to get that up and available soon via podcast and written transcript. I also have been able to find some neat little places around Seattle. A couple are below.

AFK Tavern.

Everett, WA.

A place for nerds and geeks, and actually people working or reading on their laptops. It’s advertised as the above, and it definitely is that. We were warned to sit in the bar area if we wanted quiet, because trivia was going on. It was a little loud, and brighter than a normal place. It was a lot more laid back and less…”drunky” than most other bars. People were drinking a lot of soda and playing trivia, fighting games with old-school arcade joysticks. There were tables of people playing Warcraft and Star-craft, and working with headphones. The bar area was indeed quiet, with a not-so-interested bartender named Anna. I’m sure that she is a great person, gamer and American. I’m sure that she doesn’t get alot of business in the AFk Tavern though. I’m reminded by my dear Sparrow that, it’s likely that since her bar is tucked away form the restaurant and the action, and that gamers aren’t known for tipping or drinking much, we were moot as a checkbook at an ATM. But, even though we love good customer service and a chatty bartender, we were there to be around some like-minded folks who just wanted to do the same.

The menu is deliciously tongue-in-cheek and is overflowing with game, movie and television references for the names of their drinks and food items. I ordered a Green Goblin ale, which was decidedly NOT-green, and Kris ordered a Naughty Wood-Elf. ANYWAY, this won’t devolve into a personal blog.

Here are some pictures from the evening

This is the AFK tavern, and the back of our bartender whom was nowhere near us in the bar. Hey, Anna! AAAAaaaaNNa!
Purple Haze














So yeah, we found Purple Haze where I was able to procure myself some adult products. I use them for medicine, but, yeah. That’s not really anyone’s business is it?


So, on to the podcast; We are back, we are read to write, read and explore all of our favorite things. On to glory!

The management

Another great location in Seattle-The Comet Tavern


Every place should adopt this credo



Fear and Gaming in Seattle

Yes yes I know that I love to write things from the edges of things, and writers say things are like other things that are like other things, but, so what. I haven’t written in awhile and that’s okay, because you haven’t been reading in awhile. So, here we go, and I’ll fire off some news and bits for your boiling pot of wanton desires. Eat it up!

That Nerd show-Kevin Smith episode

So Marcus Dave and I had some decent discussion on the show. I’ve never met Dave, but things seemed to go alright with him as a co-host. His connection was horrendous and I think there was a ton of lag. What stood out to me in the discussions we had was the different memories all of us have about Kevin Smith. Everyone can quote Clerks, or Chasing Amy, but we all had different points of view on what makes him great. I love the fact that he’s accessible, and is like the big brother you had, or your neighbor. The guy does a ton of things to help his friends, and you know what? I’m okay with that. Unless you have a shit ton of money, or connections, it’s incredibly difficult to break into entertainment. Music, comics, movies -any of it. If someone wants to begrudge him for throwing Walt Flanagan a line to get him some drawing gigs, so what. That’s what friends are for; to help.  So, I like that Kevin helps his pals that deserve it and because he’s still real. He grows and develops, and he branches out into comics.


Speaking of his comics, His Cacophony stuff with DC was wicked good. So good in fact, that some enterprising folks in Jersey City, New Jersey have decided to attempt a 3-part fan series about his comic series. I wanted to talk more about it on the show, but Dave wanted to say more sexist stuff (ha, you know you’re in trouble Dave) and I didn’t get enough time to go on about it. find the details and some links below. It’s directed by William Visnosky. 



Original YouTube Link

Crowd Sourcing Link

Tweet by Kevin Smith

Walt Flanagan Endorsement Article


What else? Delayed reaction to Walking Dead Season 2

Ok, so there are a few things I’ve tried to deal with, with the Walking Dead season 2 from Telltale Games. The game really got on my bad, dark and protective side. Trauma has a way of doing that to me. I think they were gratuitous with the treatment of Clem, and it didn’t need to be done. I don’t think any gaming journalist called them out on it, and I thought it was bullshit. I decided not to do a review, and I should’ve had more courage. I think the team ran out of ideas and they had a grown man, undeveloped and poorly written character smack her around in the game as a way to evoke and yank feelings out. It’s an old  method or device. I understand pushing the envelope and I understand it’s a gritty dark world. I also understand that the Telltale team is neck-deep in their own praise hole and overloaded with work. They did well on the first season, and The Wolf Among us was great stuff. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for the entirety of season 2. Gamers and journalists ate it up because it didn’t have glaring weaknesses. It’s bad and I’m saying it. No character that I ever cared about, except for the rabid dog in the first episode, and I began to care even less about Clem. That’s all for now because I may decide to do a delayed reaction article for it.

Tell me what to do! Comic-con Dallas

As if you weren’t going to be there anyway. Instead of leaving after your cosplay showdown with Michael Jackson and a bad Jack Skellington impersonator to wank and jank to the image of that beautifully created female Link you saw, head over to see This Saturday night shindig at The Gas Monkey on OCT. 18th. Details below. Music, clever witty banter, tons of beautiful nerd girls and others of your ilk. I understand there will be dancing and some holy ghost trancing. The last part is only a rumor.

Saturday Night Shindig: One Coultastic Evening

Jonathan Coulton, dancing, DJs, surprise guests, and You

He’s been called the Joss Whedon of music. He’s a mainstay at geek events in New York and Los Angeles, and now he’s heading for North Texas. Jonathan Coultonheadlines the next Saturday Sci-Fi Social, at the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill on October 18, 2014.



Ok, so I’ve picked up a few of the New 52 DC one shots, and I feel like a kid again. I have the Batman/Superman and the Superman, and wow, they’re great reads and help get you primed for the next big DC event Future’s End. Who knew that Shazam had taken over for the Caped Crusader? The covers are old school awesome holograms.   Moon Knight By Warren Ellis is top-notch. His writing and panels, use of lettering, or a lack of the lettering and sound really sets the tone quite well. White panels with black text usually stand out like a hippie at a Tea-party rally, but the man’s an expert at using space, and then exploding all over it.



In other comic news, yours truly is working away hard, long and fast on his graphic novel “Vile: Lost Legends of the American West.” We have a new artist named Francis Nuguit who has a great track record. He did some of the Robert Jordan “Wheel of Time” comics. I wish I could show you something from him, and we will soon. Head over to our facebook page to see some concepts, read the story synopsis and say hello. It’s a dark and emotional tale.

Vile:Lost legends of the American West

Alt logo for Vile
Alt logo for Vile

In future installments in this world named “Thunder Valley,” some of my friends will be appearing. My good buddy Hank Van Hawkins will be a former banker, gunslinger/gambler and mostly decent guy in the story. His name is Prickly Pear Van Hawkins. Many more of my friends will be appearing in and around the boomtown Serpentine including Appaloosa Red, who will play a madame with a dark secret and bright ambitions. Stay tuned for that, because we’re making it into a pen and paper RPG as well. Speaking of my buddy Hank, read on to read more.


The boys playing some music together.
The boys playing some music together.

So Hank and I host a podcast about baseball, music, comics, songwriting and whatever else comes up. We need your support and look forward to you guys listening. Hank will also be joining me occasionally on my new Game/comics/randomness podcast. We’ll be featuring indie game developers, comics folks and others involved with things you love. I understand Ms. Appaloosa Red will be guest hosting with me as well. We’re gonna have burlesque, games, comics and mind-maddening music and other obligatory orgy activities. So, here is the link to the buzzsprout page where you will go listen to old episodes of SOBS.

 Game news?

I’ve got nothing relevant for you kiddos. Stop by IGN lol. Sorry, but this is the slow season and I’m actually digging on State of Decay again and playing the life in NHL 2014. Hope that covers it all.  Come by the twitter and try to go back and listen to some episodes of the podcasts, and for God’s sake, leave a comment or something. I need something to do while I’m kicking my own ass over not doing a better job of spellchecking. Ugh. I know this blog is ugly, but I’m too horrified to change it.Where’s my bourbon?

What I’ve been up to. VILE

Hey all,

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted something. I recently moved from Dallas to Seattle, and it was quite an adventure. We’ve been getting settled in. We being Kris, Froo and Bran. It’s amazing here. A murder of crows flies over the house twice a day. I just love saying and writing “Murder of crows”! There were some problems and some changes with That Nerd show, and there have been a ton of other little changes.


Some of you may know that I’ve been working on “Vile” and finishing up my children’s book “Helgen’s Tale” as well. Laith Alabbad and Carl Bolton are the co-creators with Vile and we are in production or creation right now. I’m posting a couple of the pages to whet appetites and hopefully, we can raise awareness for the comic. I love it and think it’s going to be amazing. More to come, and I hope to get some game reviews and other cool stuff up soon too.





The first page of Vile.
Cover of vile

Vile Page 2 demo


The Duck Hunter’s Cabin

The Duck Hunter’s Cabin
By Richard Paul Davis

We settled into bed and the creaks and groans of the cabin nestled in with us. Cozy would be too confortable of a word to use. It was snug and tight, though not cramped. The cats became more comfortable as the night went on. They took turns bouncing back and forth between the floor, dresser and bed. Kris lay next to me, and through the darkness of the bedroom I could hardly make out her outline. I earlier opened the window partially so that we could see the sun come up in the morning. We were both city folk by now. Even the cats were accustomed to civilization, and all of the quiet was more unsettling than anyone wanted to let on. Outside of the occasional hiss from my older cat, and the odd pecan sliding down the roof, it was as still as a cliche about stillness.

The cabin where we were staying was said to be the very last address in Texas before you were in Oklahoma. It was literally a stone’s throw from the Red river. When the river was stiff and full of water, the shores came within feet of the cabin. The river, as most things here, is ancient. Its full history though has no place in this writing. Suffice to say there are trees still standing here that have predate European settlement. Trees and vines, mounds that hold decrepit bones of men that saw things that no longer walk the earth. Men that uttered words that are lost like the arrowheads without their shafts in the cranky red earth. There are many things in the woods here that wait. That is what they do best, and most.

There is a mound near the river, and I’m told that it is a burial mound. Though why it was built so close to the water, I cannot say. I’ve found in my travels that every bump in the night, every changling and every haunt is blamed on “old indian burial grounds.” As though there are no other burial grounds, and the Native Americans are so innately bitter and grumpy that even the slightest amount of activity will call their spirits instantly to the surface. Oh no, chief “Long dead in the ground” has risen to avenge the sanctity of his garden again. It stands to reason, that by now, everywhere is a burial ground, for something somewhere has likely died everywhere. But, I digress from the trajectory of my tale.

Back to the outline of my dearest Kris. She was to my right on the ornate and intricately carved but undersized bed. Farther right were the apricot colored logs that made up the walls of the cabin. Offset, in the middle of the wall was our double window. Like everything within and without of the cabin, it was made to look modest. Classic really; four panels per window, with a curtain and blinds. Excited and anticipating waking up at daylight, I pulled the cream curtain to the right before we went to bed. I could see the moonlight being cast around the yard, like someone had placed the moon into a burlap bag, and poked oddly shaped holes into the bottom. Strange enough the description, stranger still the sight. There was enough steady light, suffice to say, to illuminate at least part of the backyard after midnight, and enough light to see large movement, and the inside of the window. The way the light shined in and outlined Kris reminded me of some movie poster, with the shape of a woman lying on a fur, with the Nile running out of her and an Egyptian sunset fading into her.

The image was enough to content most men, and enough to enamor the rest. I was thankful. I peered up at the window once more. Why, I don’t know. I saw in the top left pane, what looked like something blocking the view. Black, but more darkness than typical night. I squinted my eyes and looked again, this time with that slight tingle one feels when viewing something that they should not. That feeling of being in someone’s bedroom while the owner is away. Shivers rose up and across my arms, and my chest felt as though someone else’s breath was in it. I could make out an outline, that looked like, or I imagined it to look like, a domed skull, round much like a man’s head, but with a horn to the left and to the right of center. Small horns really. I saw a sharp white light where its right eye would be if it were a normal creature of flesh, bone and breath. The left was surely covered and concealed by the curtain that hung frightened and lifeless. We both stared and pretended not to be seen, just like the mischievous child that closes his eyes and pretends he hasn’t been caught stealing a cake or bite of pie. I inched backwards into my hearth of pillows that rested behind me and pulled the covers up to my chest as any craven would while alone with a monster. I pulled my eyes away and looked down to Kris and saw no movement, only joyous slumber uninterrupted by demon or uncaring dream.

Surely I was mad, or, I was finally seeing the truth. I looked down my nose, with my forehead cast down to fool the wood creature into thinking I wasn’t seeing him. I looked and he was still there, only turning to see me better with that dreadful right eye. It blinked. The eye blinked a slow and cautious blink. Or was it a wink? I was thinking too much into this. Rain was dropping again, as it had for our entire trip. It was pacing, the rain. A steady thump thud, and several large pecans, or peaches, or some damnable thing would bounce from the tin roof and into the yard below. The creature seemed startled suddenly and jerked. I could feel the wall creak as the thing stumbled. This thing was much less graceful than I imagined monsters would be. The creature jerked out of my sight and I heard words. Ancient words that grunted and hissed from a throat that shouldn’t be capable of speech. I heard a small and vibrant laugh? Then there was the sound of a bow knocking, and the bending of wood. I knew there was a child’s bow and practice arrows outside of the back door. What was happening? I felt the shivers run across my arms and took a deep breath, shot past a hissing cat and ran into the dining room.

All around the dim room there was glass: in windows, in shelves and seemingly in the air. I looked to my left and nearly fell over seeing myself in the liquor cabinet. This was no time for drinking though. The house was full of guns, as it was owned by an obsessive duck hunter. I crept along the cold floor, walking along the old style picnic table and pews that inhabited the dining room, and looked out the windows that spanned the entire wall. I saw shadows. Two of them this time. One held the boy’s bow and fired an arrow over the side of the hill that the house was placed on. The other figure shot me the same glare as before, and I knew it was the same thing I’d seen seconds earlier. He’d been found out. Or, I had been found out. Before I could scream, the bow looked to stand on its own, and blew over as if it had been held by the wind the whole time. The figures melded with the darkness and seemed to flow off on the breeze. I turned back towards the liquor cabinet, as a man is prone to do in times such as these, and looked up into the openness of the cabin.

The ceiling was unnaturally tall for a duck hunter’s cabin. I looked up past a beam made of a tree, and saw the taxidermy head of a deer. It was likely felled on this land. I was almost hoping for some reaction from it, as odd as that sounds. Its ease at the current situation made me feel as though the events that occurred were somehow natural. After a small glass of unadorned whiskey, I fell quickly asleep.

I woke the next morning at that wonderful time of discovery; dawn. I made myself a pot of coffee and buttoned up my flannel shirt, pulled up my boots and made my way outside. Of course I picked up the bow, and noticed the wood was cracked. Several times over the next two days I found things made of both wood and steel that were close to breaking. It raised an interesting thought. When have we ever seen wood, or steel break on its own?

Sometimes in the wild a branch would break, and steel isn’t a naturally occurring substance of course. But what about stone then? Or iron? We never see it break. These things made by man, should be eternal. We craft and shape and twist them to our will to make our lives easier. What if these tools we have made, and we sometimes leave around, are used by the others? The dark things that were here before us, and surely here before the Native Americans we blame for our hauntings? What if these thing haunted them too? Of course, our tools and machinations have made our lives easier, but what if, these things we use, they help the dark things as well? Perhaps that is why the beasts I saw did not run. It is because they have become fat and lazy, using our tools. Their touch corrodes our tools, and our tools corrode them, as well. We packed our things after two and a half days. We packed our cats and our memories, and we left in the pouring rain.We left behind those monsters where they can continue to wait.

duck hunterhall

Where has my life gone?

Gaming goulash

I’m sitting quietly in my office listening to Guy Clark, contemplating the wasted years and unanswered questions of a life mis-lived. I sip Earl Gray Tea from a cup with the words ” Domestically Disabled” emblazoned across the painting of a pretty socialite. Then I shake it off to realize that I write about video games…and that I’m getting old. Life is about living, and to me, it’s about spring baseball, games and some other random things.

Anyhow, I’m putting together a list of things that I find interesting, or repulsive, or just odd. I’m trying to represent a demographic of men and ladies that prehaps have some nerdy interests and are in their 30s plus, and don’t have the time or inclination to find this stuff. So, here is the said stuff. Smile a silly smile today and do something awesome. Where have you gone Hunter? Where have you gone?

This is what I do on the weekends.
This is what I do on the weekends.

Choctaw Casino and the American dream

If the American dream died before 1971, and its dying carcass lays defaced and graffitied somewhere in a ditch outside of Vegas, then what the hell is happening in Oklahoma? Long the smaller, dirtier and much less trustworthy brother of Texas, Oklahoma has sought, and succeeded, in outdoing Texas when it comes to  fattening and inebriating its citizens, both native and otherwise. Flashy neon and half-lit trailer park gents gently mingle with the unpleasant hint of desperation and millions of social security checks slowly chinking away in slots. MmMmm the smell of poverty. It mixes horribly with the clanging brass from a Dean Martin slot machine I’m playing. I’ll be damned if America doesn’t find you, no matter where you go. On to other things:

A neon visage and representation's me at a crap casino
A neon visage and representation of…it’s me at a crap casino