This Pretty Rocket Comic strip premier

My posts have been pretty sporadic. So much going on and I’ll post on those things soon enough. Right now, I want to announce the premier of my (hopefully) self created comic strip “This Pretty Rocket.” It’s going to be little silly stuff from my life. For the most part, everything will be real pictures that are horribly edited by myself. Hopefully I’ll become good enough to start drawing over the images and be able to do a comic strip without an artist. I have to be able to create and waiting on an artist can be a pain in the royal ass.It’ll often star The Black Sparrow. In fact, the first strip is from a trip we shared to Mt. Adams. Without all that ado…



Belated fear piece

I haven’t written any of my blathering posts in a long time. Working on published work, or getting Vile out the door. That’s BS honestly. I’ve been procrastinating a lot, playing video games and coaching baseball. Crying a bit after the Cardinals lost to…the Cubs. The universe is right again after the fall of the mythic Maddon Cubs though.



Vile is everywhere in Seattle. One store in particular…Arcane Comics…has restocked 3 times. I can’t explain why, or how, or who or any other thing. The guys there are great, and Indy comics, or ones that the staff likes are behind the counter, right above all of their valuable ones. Tiny store, so shelf-space is quite valuable. Definitely considering an updated, ‘Arcane comics’ version for the world. Have it at cons and sell it in Arcane. Yeah, we’re going to do that. An Arcane edition of Vile. We meaning my Mac and me. If any of you guys at Arcane read this, by chance, (it could happen because I added them in my tweet) then thank you, thank you so much. Selling you folks copies is offsetting my serious and nearly debilitating habit of collecting comics. Bravo. Bravo.

In case you’re interested in getting Vile digitally, go to comixology. Here’s the link. Not the Zelda one.

Comics I’m reading

The Midnighter is hitting for me, and it’s hitting hard. Nothing is pressed or forced, the dialogue is snappy and seeing Dick Grayson make a couple of appearances gives Midnighter a place in the DC universe for me. I love seeing his personal life. Somehow, some way, this gay super-droid’s personal life seems more real than Peter PArker’s Or Bruce Wayne’s.

Head Lopper

Seriously, this is the kind of comic book that reminds me of why I love fantasy, and comics and so many things. Reminds me of Samurai Jack in a way. Hope that’s not insulting. It’s daunting to see it next to my comic I have to say. Vile is bare bones at 16 pages and $2.99, and Head Lopper is what, 100 at 5 or 6 bones? Ridiculously good-deal.

The Fade Out

Outside of a couple of things, like the Maltese Falcon, I’ve never been much of a noir guy. Kenshi at Arcane (I’m really not pandering here) suggested it was a good read. It is. It really is. I love Brubaker so much I want to be his housekeeper and go through his trash can and read his notes. Or bake him cookies or something. No spoilers here.

Space Riders

Another Kenshi suggestion. Picked up number one and it’s electric man, electric. I’m hoping Electric catches on. Anyway, this is the kind of comic, I imagine, that the cool guy I hung out with in High school read. The guy that dropped out and did drugs and had an anarchy tattoo. Had a T-Bird but quoted Bukowski. That’s a crappy description and I still hope you pick it up. It’s on issue #4 I believe.

Enough…now you read my words. Written last night. Goodbye.

Lightning, Lightning and Thunder. Lightning and thunder but there aint no rain.

-Guthrie Kennard

Real writers

I’m hoping to get to where I’m writing a ton again, though. I subscribe to the Warren Ellis newsletter, or blog. From the Thames Delta. Damn I like that title. Also, Keeping up with Kelly and Matt. Like we’re on a first name basis, right? Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction. I’m in it for the Kelly Sue bits. And the Chip Zdarsky. That dude is clever. I’ll link to their posts below so all 3 of your faithful readers can go over there and have a look. Sign up. Don’t unsubscribe though-Ellis is a demi-god and has those demi-god powers.

Warren Ellis’ latest newsletter

OMG is Matt and Kelly…with Chip

On to my ramble

Clean and Me

This, I hope, is the type of writing that is clean and free of pretense. No longer soiled by whimsy or defiled by fantasy. Strict adherence to order and minimal joy or candor.
Where do you even start? “You” being me in this case, being a coward and hypocrite. You raced long enough to circle back around to what you were running from. You thought it was something to catch, that you’d chased. You took the baton and raced on. I’m seriously not trying to use cliches or other things that make some things sound more exciting by making them sound like other things.
But, I think that since you’ve seen what you’ve done, and how you’ve become, that you can realize you were running in place of a ghost-a wraith from the past. You’ll look around and you will be okay with not being a prodigy, or a pioneer in anything. You will stop and be thankful you’ve become me.
Writing exercises
I want to take Spider-Man and have him sit down with the Punisher. Nick Fury and Captain America too. Have a general discussion. Or, I’d like to write that. I know, there’ve been people to do that before. It’s always done in comic-book style (imagine, that right?) and conversations are done light heartedly, or within crazed battle scenes. I want to do something different and see what makes them tick. But…I can’t. All i can concentrate on is my phone vibrating and these small bushes on the rooftop. I just did a triple-take. An honest to goodness triple-take. Only referenced in hushed whispers and top secret encoded writing amongst abnormally gifted observational artists. What makes these things fucking tick? The scions of American comic culture and heroic archetypes can go to hell. I want to deconstruct these fertile little rotodendrums. Holy hell. That word and description is all wrong. Spell-check cant even help me with that blunder. Seriously though. Are they stoic? Can they be stoic if they’ve never been…the opposite of stoic? Is this why we come up with jargon and colloquialisms? To describe nonsense like this? I nailed colloquialisms if you noticed? Oh sweet wonderous surprise…there are abnormally large wheat stalks to my left. Are they stalks? I’ve delved too deep into this blackish brackish pond. I must return to my comics below.

Vile available on Comixology and Indy Planet

Hey folks. Find the information below.


Vile #1

Vile #1

Written by: Richard Paul Davis
Published by: Richard Paul Davis
Edited by: Richard Paul Davis
Colored by: Carl Bolton
Lettered by: Carl Bolton
Pencils: Francis Nuguit
Inks: Francis Nuguit
Variant Cover by: Francis Nuguit
Colored by: Sara Machajewski
Lettered by: Sara Machajewski
Price: $1.99

Legend of Thunder Valley
Thunder-Valley 1890
In the pristine and bountiful heart of Thunder Valley, a tribe of Indians is attempting to find their own place within the natural way. Made up of several different tribes and bands, they’ve left the reservation’s confines and attempt to live on the land as their ancestors once did.

The mysterious forces that swirl and pulsate in Thunder-Valley can give great gifts, but they can also spawn the most horrible creatures and tragedies imaginable. The Thunder-Beings, the spirits tasked with overseeing this rift, this churning fountain of creation, have become complacent. Their neglect of the order has left the great machine of life unattended. Energy slips out and sometimes pours into the valley. Thoughts and hopes, fears and desire gift life to evils that never knew life. Long dead gods find power.

The gods here are as real as the horrors and triumphs in and around Thunder-Valley. In fact, through the dreams and nightmares of the living, new gods are born everyday. One of those creatures, and tragedies, is “Vile” Clem Styles. However, this is the story of one of the lost souls that encounters him.

Buy now on comiXology!

Comic stores where you can find Vile

Hey friends. Right now, Vile is available in 3 locations in and around Seattle, with more to come. Arcane has sold out and restocked once already, so go get your copies.


Couple of items here. Arcane comics in Ballard has purchased 15 copies of Vile total. I’ve restocked 3 times there. Tiny little shop with knowledgeable staff and an area upfront near the register that moves copies. Other than their exceptional staff, easy to find location and well placed new comics, I cant figure out why they’ve sold so many copies of the book. Other stores have sold copies, but just not as well as Arcane for some reason. Anyway, I’m clearly not complaining, but, I wonder if it’s because I live a block away? Some things to think about.

Subspace comics in Lynnwood WA. is now on board to carry Vile #1. It’s in the back of the store in their Independent area. It’s a great well lit shop that is next door to an AWESOME used video game store named Another Castle Games. Cool and helpful staff. I found a copy of Shadow of Colossus for 16.50, and a copy of The Getaway for $1.00. Crazy good prices. They have a new, unopened copy of Shadow for $40.00. Anyway, if you’re in the area, stop by both stores.

Arcane Comics


5809 15th Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98107
Tel : 206-781-4875


Mighty Moose Comics

Mighty Moose Comics
4015 Factoria Blvd SE
Bellevue, WA 98006

(425) 643-9924


Zanadu Comics

1923 Third Avenue

Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 443-1316

 Subspace comics

Vile issue #1 available via INDY PLANET

That’s right. Vile issue #1 is available to order via Indy Planet. IT’s available via Amazon Kindle already, but not physically. I’ll add the link below. We will also have it available in shops in Seattle WA and Portland Oregon. Don’t ask me why I abbreviated WA and not Oregon either.


The first store to physically carry Vile #1 will be Mighty Moose Comics in Bellevue, WA. at the Factoria mall.

Thanks to Ka-Blam and to Sara Machajewski for the late late help.

Order physical copies of Vile via this nifty highlighted sentence.

Remember to follow me, and please remind others to follow us as well.


Vile Legend issue #1 completed

So, there it is. It’s done. It’s available VIA Amazon Kindle right now, and Comixology, iTunes and PHYSICAL copies are in the works as we speak.



Sara Machajewski took over the colors and inks for the second chapter and did an amazing job. I’ll post updates when I get the chance. Thanks so much everyone.



Macabre Webs-A coffee break from Spider-Verse

Disclaimer-the characters in this story are owned by Marvel Comics. This is a speculative story.



“What will our jobs think? If, if they find out?” Ben said to Peter. Not catching the irony of his own statement.
“You mean our jobs as web-slinging Spider-Men? Those jobs?” Peter scolded. Peter sat up straight in the bed. He scratched his bare chest and waited for an answer.
“You know what I mean. It’s too bad you didn’t get the funny bits of DNA from the real Peter Parker.” Ben replied. He was already sitting up in bed. He turned to look at his costume. It was lying in a clump on the floor. He wondered why he’d kept that awful blue hoodie for so long.
“Well, some of us live in somewhat progressive dimensions. Once they get past the clone thing, we could survive it. As far as PR goes anyway.”
“Yeah. But, what about, I mean, the clone thing. The moral ramifications.”
Peter leaned in as if to kiss Ben. “I’ll show you a ramification.”
“Peter- we’re clones. And, closeted gay men from different dimensions. But, they’ve got to assume some of us would be gay, right. Just the percentages.”
“Yeah, I got that part. I am a giant moral ramification. Our existence is a cosmic clusterfuck of moral ambiguity, isn’t it?” Peter says angrily. It was something a spiteful Superior Spider-Man would say. Ben lept out of bed, and onto the ceiling. He stands, upside down, and storms off towards the door. THWIP. Peter will have none of it. He webs Ben down by the buttocks to the bed. He catches Ben, and rolls him over on the bed.
“I hate it when you wear those webshooters in bed.” Ben mutters, before Peter can kiss him.
“Do you ever wonder what our kids would look like?” Ben asks, missing the irony entirely.
Peter snorts from laughter. THWIP THWIP.  Ben’s hands have been webbed to the bed posts.
“I do, my lovely Ben Reilly. They’d have your heart, and my heart. But they’d have your eyes. Well, and mine too. Now, it’s my turn to be Doc Ock and you escape from my evil clutches.”
“Maybe, we should role-play Black Cat, or Venom. The whole Doc Ock thing is still kind of fresh, ya know?”
Richard Crowsong Davis

Vile: The Legend of Thunder Valley picked up by Alterna Comics

Hey all, as many of you know I’ve been sharing stories and talking comics with you for awhile. I’ve also been an aspiring comic creator for sometime as well. I’m happy to say that TWO of my comics have been picked up by publishers. The first is “VILE” and Alterna Comics has decided to publish the indie comic. The second is an ongoing series called GEARS AND GHOSTS by INC. comics.


Right now, I’m trying to raise the money to get VILE finished and out to publication late this summer. I have to raise money to finish the costs and hoping some of my readers could help spread the word. Spreading the word, contributing or perhaps offering services are all great and useful ways to contribute. I’m adding the campaign links below, as well as the web address. It goes without saying that I won’t be reviewing any more comics, but Hank may still! Thanks so much and please keep coming back, as I’ll still do some video games stuff as well as posting about my comics, and your news too.

<iframe src=”; width=”222px” height=”445px” frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>

Vile Cover 1B

Aquaman review and Convergence coverage

As an update to my last review, I do want to report that Swamp Thing will have his own Convergence title!  Although I am sure it will be a short lived and limited run. That being said…
   Thank goodness Aquaman is not getting quite the same chop for DC’s upcoming Convergence event. Whew.  Without giving the best parts away I can’t say enough good things about all the character building The New 52 did for Aquaman. He came out of it all smelling like roses. It is no wonder he is going to survive because his popularity is higher than it has ever been before. So I wonder why he is going to survive and Aquaman and the Others is not? That is the one sad twist to this review is the cancellation of that title which I happened to also enjoy very much. It brought even more depth to him as well as a fresh drawing board as far as back stories and aquaman relevant characters. Although the series was short lived I feel like it should have stayed as well and I can almost bet it will make its way back to having its own title sooner or later. It is worth checking out if you ask me.  Obviously the latest solo run has helped his reputation quite a bit as well and I only hope Convergence doesn’t take too much away from what has been established of him thus far.  Although rumor has part of the chop he will receive is he is going to be losing his arm again.. I have collected various Aquaman titles in the past before but never as a whole. I am here to tell you I have every graphic novel of the New 52 run as well as the most current issues.  If you have not checked any of them out do it asap! Geoff Johns kicks off the series and it couldn’t have been a more explosive of a start ! It engaged me through the very in depth writing and the art work is stellar. I have always dug underwater scenes and you can’t get much of a cooler backdrop than Atlantis. 
So obviously I have alot of good things to say. Normally I back off from reviewing something I already love since I am bound to merely gush about it through my entire article. However with his New 52 rebirth it almost seems to me like it is a better character than ever before. I always saw the potential but until Geoff Johns stepped I never really felt too many writers actually captured the toughness we all wanted to see out of Aquaman. There was no better super hero for me to emulate as a kid. The lack of general knowledge about him was part of creating a mystery to him that played a large part in the appeal I had for him.  That’s when my curiosity about him started it’s momentum. Essentially what is coming to light with The Convergence event is that he is going to be separated from the ocean itself? His home as well as the source of his strength and powers..  They are shooting for a dark and intense Aquaman.. Did I miss something ? I though the latest Aquaman was dark and intense?  Hell playing his character in the Video game God’s among Us will tell you that much. So I am weary despite his survival it does seem they are re-inventing him again and since I have enjoyed everything about him recently I stand concerned. Now that he is also going to be in the Justice League movie as well as his own movie haven’t they finally mined the moxie out of the character so why the need for change? Aquaman is bigger, badder, darker and better than ever before ! I can’t wait for the movie and Jason Momoa is going to be a great Arthur Curry!! 
 All this Convergence talks gives me a headache. It is not generating nearly the excitement that the Blackest Night or New 52 did. Of course this has yet to be seen. These are just my initial feelings considering I have thoroughly enjoyed the New 52.  At first glance the new art work for Aquaman it looks a little too cartoonish for me. I always had an affection for Aquaman there was not a super hero that I liked to mimic more than Aquaman while hanging out at the community pool. Now he is poised to be a major hero for the next generation and I couldn’t be more excited. However I am a bit cautious with the constant reinvention of characters. I don’t mind major plot changes but entire character changes is a bit tiresome. I know the next generation of comic book fans will have a lot more info on Aquaman and decidedly they will point him in the direction he is supposed to head.Obviously his movie his bound to generate a lot of new toys and comic titles. People are going to want more of a Aquaman and I only hope DC keeps the quality level up as high up as it has had it for the last several years.   
Hank Van Hawkins

Frugal find Fridays

I try to stay away from campy titles, although they seem to work, so please forgive me for this one. I get caught up reporting facts, reviewing games and writing my own stuff, so I don’t get enough opportunities to get out in the “Field” and find goodies. That changed this week. My girlfriend and I have been on a hunting spree of sorts, covering much of the Seattle area. Below I will add some of the pictures of the comics/games related stuff we found, as well as just a couple of other things that caught our attention and we just needed to have. Comments are welcome.

Old brick of a PS2

Buried within a mound of throwaway tech at Goodwill in Shoreline, Wa. I found several olf PS2s as well as the old XBOX. Man, in retrospect, I really should have gotten an XBOX. I just dusted off my collector’s edition copy of of Halo 2, too. Anyway, it’s dusty and dirty, and didn’t come with a cord or controller. Lucky, I’m an interprising packrat and I’ve been storing a universal AV cord for just this occasion. A quick stop by Gamestop for a 5 dollar power cord and I’m off and gaming. Now, if I could only find my copy of Shadow of Colossus.


Found for 15 dollars. Welcome home brick of a PS2. Welcome home.
Found for 15 dollars. Welcome home brick of a PS2. Welcome home.




















Spider-Man Valentines

Yeah, I’m a softie for Ol’ Webhead. Almost anything I see that has Spidey on it, I get it. I have a problem. The other day, I asked Kris to bring me my coffee in my Spider-Man cup. I said “Not this cup, the other Spider-Man cup. Wow. I have a problem don’t I?” And she nodded her head softly. She proceeded to tell me my Spider-Man socks and undies were clean…Moving on.

So, it’s Valentine’s day and I found this grade school Valtine’s card that come with a book mark. Everyone that knows me knows about Spidey too, so if you get a letter in the mail form me with an awesome bookmark/ruler-you’re welcome.


That is a "It's clobberin' Time!" sticker underneath.
That is a “It’s clobberin’ Time!” sticker underneath.

























She makes comics shirt

Ala Rosie the Riveter, this shirt shows a similar pose, but with a gal ready to sling some ink. My girlfriend has become a comic lover, and my favorite writers are female. Hey G. Willow Wilson and Kelly Sue DeConnick *giggle hehe*

I don't know who SHE is, but I know that this shirt is pretty awesome. My favorite comics writers are female too.
I don’t know who SHE is, but I know that this shirt is pretty awesome. My favorite comics writers are female too.












Super Steam-Punk Steamer Trunk

Over 100 years old, and only 25 bucks at Goodwill. Opens up into a wardrobe with storage space. Was used to carry a lot of clothes while traveling via steamboat. Was thinking of flipping it but, it looks good holding comics and as a coffee table. We will take good care of it.


IMG_2881_2 IMG_2880









Dagwood sandwich

Okay, so this one wasn’t frugal, but it was a find! Anyone remember the Dagwood cartoon strip in the paper? No? Wow, I’m the oldest gamer ever.

Wow, they should really use this picture on their menu.














Have any stories of great frugal finds? Share them with us here.



Planet Hulk #1 news and preview

Yep, another “What’s old is new again” series from Marvel. Seems as though they’re taking the most impactful series and twisting them for their new Battleworld event, gimmick or whatever else you’d like to call it. It’s certain though, there are some talented folks at Marvel working overtime to get  quality words and art written for the crazyness Marvel is unleashing with titles like Planet Hulk #1. They’re also doing wonky things with Google and search terms, as all of these old comics are resurfacing and causing confusion. Way to go MARVEL! Ha! Anyway, read on for the short details about Planet Hulk #1 and have a sneak peek at some of the fantastic art if features.




Variant Cover by MUKESH SINGH

On Sale in May!


To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook. 

image003 Planet_Hulk_1_Singh_Variant

This has to be one of my favorite sketches recently. Has that Conan feel to it.
This has to be one of my favorite sketches recently. Has that Conan feel to it.