Back from The holiday hole

My darling with our new favorite morning coffee containment units
My darling with our new favorite morning coffee containment units

Hey all of you. It’s been a bit here since we’ve done anything. Recovering from surgery and the holidays took a lot out of us, especially me (Richard) but we’re hoping to get on track again.

We’re restarting the podcast SOBS tonight. We’re going to be talking comics and baseball of course, and we might tackle Gotham, though I haven’t caught an episode since they took their little sabbatical over the holidays. A couple comic book that we will discuss are Swamp thing #32, and Gotham by Midnight. We were supposed to talk about Hellboy and the BPRD, but I’m late to that game and couldn’t find the first issue.

I’ve had some adventures here lately, in and around Seattle. I was able to meet with Ed Brisson, an indie writer of comics who was quite an interview. I hope to get that up and available soon via podcast and written transcript. I also have been able to find some neat little places around Seattle. A couple are below.

AFK Tavern.

Everett, WA.

A place for nerds and geeks, and actually people working or reading on their laptops. It’s advertised as the above, and it definitely is that. We were warned to sit in the bar area if we wanted quiet, because trivia was going on. It was a little loud, and brighter than a normal place. It was a lot more laid back and less…”drunky” than most other bars. People were drinking a lot of soda and playing trivia, fighting games with old-school arcade joysticks. There were tables of people playing Warcraft and Star-craft, and working with headphones. The bar area was indeed quiet, with a not-so-interested bartender named Anna. I’m sure that she is a great person, gamer and American. I’m sure that she doesn’t get alot of business in the AFk Tavern though. I’m reminded by my dear Sparrow that, it’s likely that since her bar is tucked away form the restaurant and the action, and that gamers aren’t known for tipping or drinking much, we were moot as a checkbook at an ATM. But, even though we love good customer service and a chatty bartender, we were there to be around some like-minded folks who just wanted to do the same.

The menu is deliciously tongue-in-cheek and is overflowing with game, movie and television references for the names of their drinks and food items. I ordered a Green Goblin ale, which was decidedly NOT-green, and Kris ordered a Naughty Wood-Elf. ANYWAY, this won’t devolve into a personal blog.

Here are some pictures from the evening

This is the AFK tavern, and the back of our bartender whom was nowhere near us in the bar. Hey, Anna! AAAAaaaaNNa!
Purple Haze














So yeah, we found Purple Haze where I was able to procure myself some adult products. I use them for medicine, but, yeah. That’s not really anyone’s business is it?


So, on to the podcast; We are back, we are read to write, read and explore all of our favorite things. On to glory!

The management

Another great location in Seattle-The Comet Tavern


Every place should adopt this credo



‘Big Trouble in Little China’ Comicbook review By Hank Van Hawkins

This ain't your daddy's Kurt Russell Big Trouble. Ok, may be it is. And, maybe that's what made it great.
This ain’t your daddy’s Kurt Russell Big Trouble. Ok, may be it is. And, maybe that’s what made it great.

Big Trouble in Little China Comic Book review

Including 5 page preview of issue #6

   Whew this is a cool title. I loved the movie as a kid and nothing excites me more than picking up where a story left off via comic book or sequel to see what became of our heroes and protagonists.  Despite the dialogue being sparse in places, the artwork functions well in telling the story.  I have to tell you I was exited before even opening the book. Although it took me a bit to warm up to the idea, because at first glance it appears to be a novelty to sling some comic books. However, that being said, the stories flow well and it fed my curiosity without totally satisfying my hunger for more.  Also, all the characters from the movie are all still accounted for and now find themselves delving deeper and deeper into the dark side of Little China.

    Obviously this is for fans of the movie. On the flip side though this title could easily convince a comic book reader to want to seek out the movie if they had never seen it before. So, its appeal works to a two pronged effect. Essentially extending the stories from where the movie left off while at the same time being a real hearty promotion for the movie itself. It is a cult classic as it is and has already proven to have a healthy shelf life. Although I had my doubts before reading it, I have to say that it feels like a well executed idea. I know I am anxious to check into the first four issues now. Not to mention I am going to keep a close eye on where they keep going with the stories and arcs. Because they still have the same enemies as in the movie, they have introduced a lot of new strange and weird characters that are both friends and foes to their cause.

I am more than pleasantly surprised by the voracity of the title to do such a thing as picking up where the movie left off or simply just exploring the world created by the movie quite a bit more. I am suggesting this as a read for fans of the movie by all means, but I am also recommending it to comic readers to check out at least an issue and take a little peek inside of this very unique and creatively built world.  The main hero in the story to me is Wang, and he remains intact and still at the side of our favorite wannabe hero Jack Burton and they are both still on the run from the Lords of Death.  It’s an action packed comic and sure not to disappoint you, regardless of how big a fan you are of the movie.  The only other thing I want to express is that Jack Burton’s smart mouth and over the top attitude carry over from the big screen to the small page without missing a sarcastic beat.

Hank Van Hawkins

Want to know more about Big Trouble in Little China? Have click the link in the previous sentence, and read below for a 5-page preview with a couple variant covers.


Here is another of the variant covers for the comic

BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-4 BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-5 BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-6 BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-7 BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-8 BigTroubleInLittleChina06_PRESS-9

Over the Garden Wall One-shot Preview article

OverTheGardenWall_coverABoom! Studios has been great to us over here at Fear and Gaming, and we love the diverse crop of independent and brilliantly done comics they offer. We love to take the opportunity when we have it to post reviews and previews of their works. This is one of those chances. Below find a few page preview of “Over the Garden Wall” a one-shot comic by Patrick McHale and illustrated by Jim Campbell, and is an accompaniment to the first ever original cartoon by Cartoon Network. Please enjoy the preview and heavenly artwork. Make sure to pick up a copy of the comic as well. Make sure to follow me on twitter @rpdgame. For reviews of Boom! Studios’ comics, stop by Hank Van Hawkins’ blog here.

Buy Over the Garden Wall



OverTheGardenWall_coverB OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-3 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-4 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-5 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-6 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-7 OverTheGardenWall_PRESS-8