Deathtrap from Neocore games now available on Steam

Good news Tower defense fans-Deathtrap is making its long awaited debut on Steam. The game is discounted 10% to encourage you to buy buy and die. Sorry, I get riled up and anxious for games from Neocore. Read on and learn.


Deathtrap - Out Now on Steam

NeocoreGames’ Tower Defense Action-RPG Hybrid Deathtrap Out Now on Steam

Be clever, be quick and show no mercy!

Budapest, Hungary – February 4th, 2015 – Today, NeocoreGames announced that Deathtrap, a spin-off title of their The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series is now available worldwide for $19.99 on Steam with 10% OFF to celebrate the first week of its release.

Deathtrap invites players to venture beyond the veil of this world, where a chain of strongholds were once built to keep the horrors of the void at bay. Now that the monsters are returning from the depths to conquer and kill, players will take direct control of either the Sorceress, the Mercenary or the Marksman and rebuild / improve the ancient traps to stop the monsters before they break through to the everyday world.

Deathtrap features 4 gameplay modes (PvP, Endless, Single Player and Cooperative Campaign), 5 scenarios, 13 different campaign maps on Tiers 1-4, a built-in Map Editor, 3 classes, 25 basic traps, 15 special traps and 40+ enemy types from 3 monster races.

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Zoltán ‘Pozs’ Pozsonyi, Producer of Deathtrap said: “I’m very proud of the final game and the fine work the team at NeocoreGames did on Deathtrap. Our goal was to push the tower defense genre forward with a unique gameplay mechanic that allows players to build a deadly maze of traps and towers while controlling a character directly from the traditional top-down view of an action-RPG. We estimate a solid 50+ hours of gameplay and we’d like to encourage the community to keep creating their own custom maps too, we might pick the best and add it as an extra scenario or PvP map later.”

Deathtrap is a Tower Defense game with strong Action-RPG elements, a game of vicious tricks, killing machines, rotating blades and splattering blood.
Deathtrap Screenshots

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Deathtrap Early Access available on STEAM

The much anticipated Deathtrap has finally made its way to STEAM early access. It’s available for a pittance at $19.99. There’s a ton of information including a video links and other goodies below provided by Neocore Games. Give your wits a test and give the game a shot.

Deathtrap Early Access Out Now on Steam!

Deathtrap Early Access Out Now on Steam!

Be clever, be quick – and show no mercy.

Budapest, Hungary – October 22, 2014 – 
Deathtrap Early Access is finally out on Steam for $19.99. Come and take part in the development, grab the Sorceress’s staff, dive into the campaign and use the map editor to create and share your own ideas of a deadly maze. The game will be updated every other week with new content so you’ll never get bored.

We believe that Early Access allows us to make Deathtrap the best possible game it can be – with the help of the players.” – says Zoltán Pozsonyi, Producer of Deathtrap. “This is our first game to feature user-generated content, so we’d like to ask for your assistance.”

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Deathtrap is a tower-defense game with strong action-RPG elements, a game of vicious tricks, killing machines, rotating blades and splattering blood.

Fast Facts and Links

Name: Deathtrap
Genre: Tower-defense
Developer: NeocoreGames
Publisher: NeocoreGames
Release date: Q1 2015
Price: $19.99
Platforms: Steam (Windows, Mac);
Xbox One, PS4 (coming later)
Multiplayer: Co-Op, PvP Facebook: /DeathtrapTheGame

Twitter Twitter: @DeathtrapGame
NeocoreGames DevBlog:

NeocoreGames Forums:
 YouTube: NeocoreGamesVideos

Steam Store: /app/310510< /a>