New Avengers # 31 features the Great destroyer-first look here

Ice ICE Iron-man…que Bowie guitar riff. Strange looks like he’s waving goodbye to Gold’s Gym 1985 Hulk.




























The Great Destroyer Revealed in NEW AVENGERS #31
Hickman & Walker Bring You a Key Issue on the Road to SECRET WARS!

Head swimming with Marvel news, Batlleworld events and Spider-Verse Tie ins? Yeah, our heads are a bitty  DROWNEDY at the moment here too. We’re trying to keep it all organized for you. That brings us to the Great Destroyer in New Avengers #31. Jonathon Hickman and Kev Walker bring you this universe shattering tale to debut in March. Details and a preview of New Avengers # 31 and the Battleworld tie in can be found deep below within this wonderful article. If you’re trying to make heads or tails or webs of things, have a look at our interactive battle map here. Thanks for reading, and keep your eyes peeled for more.



NEW AVENGERS #31 (JAN150812)


Cover by IN-HYUK LEE
Women of Marvel Variant by LAURA BRAGA (JAN150813)

FOC – 02/16/15, On-Sale – 03/11/15


New_Avengers_31_Preview_1 New_Avengers_31_Preview_2 New_Avengers_31_Preview_3

Preview of new Princess Leia #1 comicbook


Includes comicbook preview pages and variant covers.

It was just a matter of time before Disney unleashed its talented stable of Marvel creators and artists upon us. That time has come as Princess Leia #1 makes its debut. I’ve included the preview packet directly from Marvel, as well as other Star Wars comicbook news. The cover for the comic is a little more playful, with Leia showing some leg. We all have high hopes for the series and look forward to seeing what else Marvel can do with the Star Wars comics.



Written by MARK WAID

Art & Cover by TERRY DODSON

Variant Covers by ALEX ROSS (JAN150730), MARK BROOKS (JAN150732),



Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (JAN150734)

Teaser Variant by JOHN CASSADAY (JAN150728)

Movie Variant Also Available (JAN150736)

Alex Ross Sketch Variant Also Available (JAN150731)

FOC – 02/09/15, On Sale – 03/04/15

Princess_Leia_1_Preview_1 Princess_Leia_1_Cover Princess_Leia_1_Preview_2 Princess_Leia_1_Preview_3 Princess_Leia_1_Ross_Variant

M.O.D.O.K. mo’ problems: Assassin #1 in May

Looks like our favorite giant headed villain is getting his own mini-series for the Secret Wars saga. M.O.D.O.K. (wow that’s annoying to continuously type out) runs a world called Killville, and it’s where he gets his thrills. Christ Yost had the following to say:

“The fun here is showing how M.O.D.O.K. stands out against some of the worst that the Marvel Universe has to offer, “It’s good to be bad’ is kind of the mission statement here. Can M.O.D.O.K. grow past his design? Would anyone want him to? Those are some big lofty theme-y questions, but let’s be clear…you’re going to see M.O.D.O.K. kill a bunch of people.”

Enjoy the cover below for Assassin #1 and stay tuned here for more Marvel news and Secret Wars announcements.




On Sale in May


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Howard the Duck #1 preview comic

Evolution of Howard Variant by CHIP ZDARSKY









Yep, my teaser the other day turned out to be an intro of things to come. Yours truly has secured a preview of the Howard the Duck #1 and I’ve included it here for your reading pleasure. More details to come hopefully, and as always, read on for your preview. Stop by the twitter @rpdgame 




Art & Cover by JOE QUINONES
Variant Covers by CHIP ZDARSKY (JAN150770), PAUL POPE (JAN150771),


Evolution of Howard Variant by CHIP ZDARSKY (DEC148088)

Movie Variant Also Available (JAN150775)

FOC – 02/16/15, On Sale – 03/11/15


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HOWARD001_int-1 HOWARD001_int-2


Marvel making big announcement on…”The View?”

So, as if it couldn’t get any weirder, or more “Disney marketing, ” The House of Mouse that once was Marvel will make a breaking announcement on “The View” on ABC about ‘Secret Wars.’ Read on..this is not a prank…I think.


New York, NY – February 5th, 2015 – Marvel is excited to announce that on Friday, February 6th, at 11AM EST, as part of Marvel’s mega-event, SECRET WARS, it will be announcing its latest game-changing title live on the Emmy-Winning, daily talk show “The View”.


“The View,” a live, one-hour daily talk show from ABC (11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, ET), features Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace. It’s the original forum in which real women discuss everyday issues, share their opinions and engage in colorful conversations. “The View,” broadcast in HDTV and produced in 2-channel stereo sound, is now available to watch online daily at 4:00 p.m., ET/1:00 p.m., PT on “The View” is owned and produced by ABC. Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie are executive producers. For breaking news and updated videos follow “The View” (@theviewtv) and Whoopi Goldberg (@WhoopiGoldberg), Rosie O’Donnell (@Rosie), Rosie Perez (@rosieperezbklyn) and Nicolle Wallace (@NicolleDWallace) on Twitter™.

Tweet #theview during the live broadcast as select viewer tweets will appear live, on screen, during the show.

Follow Marvel on Facebook at and be sure to stop back throughout the day to see what everyone is saying about Marvel’s latest news.

Stay tuned to as the new Marvel Universe continues to be forged.  Follow Marvel on Facebook at and be sure to join the conversation on Twitter with #Marvel#SecretWars, and don’t forget to follow us at @Marvel.

Howard the Duck returns with these variant covers

Hey, Marvel is transferring their Battleworld format to the 2099 comics, why not bring back Howard the Duck? At least something fun is coming out of the Battleworld thing. Enjoy the covers below and read on for some more information where the covers will be featured.


Today, Marvel is excited to reveal the following WTD Variants by some of Marvel’s greatest cover artists:

  • All-New Hawkeye #2 – WTD Variant Cover by Francesco Francavilla
  • Amazing Spider-Man #17 – WTD Variant Cover by W. Scott Forbes
  • Rocket Raccoon #10 – WTD Variant Cover by Rob Guillory
  • Uncanny Inhumans #0 – WTD Variant Cover by Christian Ward

Look for these additional WTD Variants to grace the covers of these exciting Marvel comics throughout the month of April:

  • All-New Captain America #6
  • All-New X-Men #41
  • Ant-Man #4
  • Daredevil #15
  • Deadpool #45 (a.k.a. Deadpool #250)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #26
  • Hulk #14
  • Inhuman #14
  • Legendary Star-Lord #11
  • Ms. Marvel #14
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. #5
  • Silk #3
  • Spider-Gwen #3
  • Superior Iron Man #7
  • Thor #7
  • Uncanny Avengers #4

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Ameriquack gothic
Ameriquack gothic

WTDVarCover_AllNewHawkeye002 WTDVarCover_UncannyInhumans000

It's way to early for visitors, Buzz.
It’s way to early for visitors, Buzz.

Turns out Marvel’s Battleworld isn’t a prank


I was really holding out hope that Battleworld wasn’t really, ya know, a THING. I was hoping it was one of 3 things.

1. A really hilarious prank perpetrated by God. Who is really George Burns. He doesn’t read comic books.

2. A really unfunny deadpan joke delivered by John Cleese. We have stories written by CM Punk.

3. BONUS hope! That I had been temporarily shifted from my home reality to one of the 52 worlds of DC where Marvel truly did suck.

Alas, none of these are true. It seems as though the Marvel universe as we know it is coming to an end soon. I’m kind of…happy. There are many titles, like the Marvels, i.e. Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel, Moon Knight, Iron Fist and the Magneto titles. Ok, enough of my opinion. There are still some great writers and artists at Marvel, and let’s hope they find good quality titles to work on after Disney is done spreading measles to Marvel. OH! Check out the bonus artwork attached.





New York, NY—January 30th, 2014— The battles in Secret Wars are so big, we had to launch an entirely new book just to contain them! This May, prepare for the big, bombastic action like you’ve never seen before in SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD #1 – a new 4-issue limited series of wall-to-wall action across the surface of Battleworld!  Bursting with epic action, each issue of SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD features two all-new high-octane stories ripped from the pages of the biggest event of the year!


“The weirder and more fun, the better” says series editor Jon Moisan of the tone of the series in an interview with “You want to see the 1602 version of the Punisher fight the 2099 version of Iron Man? Muskets versus the 1990s version of the future! We can even have the same characters from different worlds fight. I’m sure readers have been dreaming of seeing a dozen different versions of Howard the Duck fight. Well, guess what? It’s completely possible in SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD!”


This issue – what happens when Dr. Strange possesses the Punisher? Meet the Sorcerer EXTREME! Only Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Hulk and Ghost Rider of this land can track this terrible two-in-one down. And things are going to get messy! Then, what happens when M.O.D.O.K. recruits every M.O.D.O.K. ever from across Battleworld for his evil scheme. I’ll give you a hint – F.I.G.H.T.!


Each issue –  cover-to-cover action, pulse-pounding battles and can’t miss creators. You want action? Look no further than SECRET WARS: BATTLEWORLD #1when it explodes in to comic shops and on to digital devices this May!






Variant Cover by JAMES STOKOE

Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER

Coming in May!

First look at Silk #1 from Marvel


Multi-page preview cover and variants included

I wasn’t crazy about the Spider-Verse arc, even as a life-long Spider-man lover, but Silk is one of the silver linings to that over-bloated ridiculous stunt Marvel pulled. The writers and artists involved are all top-notch, so hopefully Silk will be a winner and survive the “End of Days” nonsense Marvel is pulling with their new reboot. Here are the details straight from Marvel below.


Cindy Moon Swings Solo in Your First Look at SILK #1!


This February, straight from the pages of Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Verse comes a brand new ongoing series starring the newest heroine of the Marvel Universe. Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at SILK #1, the new series writer Robbie Thompson (writer for TV’s Supernatural) and rising star artist Stacey Lee!

Cindy Moon exploded out of her bunker and into the Marvel Universe in the pages of Amazing Spideer-Man and she never looked back. Bit by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers on that fateful day, she’s spent her years locked away in a bunker, safe from the threat of Morlun and the Inheritors. Since then, she’s saved Peter Parker’s life (more than once), fought alongside Spider-Woman, braved the Spider-Verse and more!

“Cindy fascinates me,” says series writer Robbie Thompson, in an interview with “She gave up 10 years of her life and the world moved on without her. What does that do to a person?”

Now, Cindy is back in New York City, patrolling it’s rooftops as SILK! And she’s going to make up for lost time. Searching for her past, defining her own future, and webbing wrong-doers along the way. Now is your chance to hop on board one of the slickest new launches of 2015 as SILK #1 swings in to comic shops this February!


SILK #1 (DEC140837)




Variant Covers by STACEY LEE (DEC140838)


FOC – 1/26/15, On Sale – 02/18/15



Silk_1_Preview_4 Silk_1_Preview_3 Silk_1_Preview_2 Silk_1_Preview_1

Here is the first look at the new Secret Wars Cover


Marvel, in its continuing quest for mediocrity and to rehash their past successes, has released this cover for the Secret Wars reboot. As a comic veteran, or old dude, depending on how old you are yourself, I remember ‘Secret Wars’ fondly as the source of the Venom symbiote and a grand excuse to get all of Marvel’s heroes and villains together in one place. It was also the masterwork of a being called the ‘Beyonder’ whose other claim to fame was having Michael Jackson’s Thriller hair cut  with a jacket straight from ‘Miami Vice.’ Wow I am officially old. At least the comic has some greats working on it, and the cover is expectedly awesome.

To read more about ‘Secret Wars’ read on. Do yourself a favor and click some of my the purple colored links above to see some of the sweetness that was the 80s.


Marvel’s Secret Wars press release

You’ve seen Alex Ross’ spectacular promo image. You’ve seen the teasers. You’ve learned the first secrets of Battleworld, the strange, patchwork realm playing host to countless separate realities. Now, Marvel is pleased to present the first cover to next year’s game-changing SECRET WARS #1! From the chart-topping creative team of Jonathan Hickman (Avengers, New Avengers) and Esad Ribic (Thor: God of Thunder) with covers by legendary painter Alex Ross, this 8-issue event brings together a legion of Marvel super heroes for an epic story the scope of which you’ve never seen before!

Now, get a closer look at Alex Ross’ stunning cover to the explosive first issue. Gorgeously rendered by one of the most iconic figures in the industry, this spectacular cover is just the tip of the iceberg – offering fans their first exciting look behind the curtain into the world of Secret Wars!

The road to the biggest comic event of 2015 is happening right now in the pages ofAvengers and New Avengers, so jump on board before TIME RUNS OUT! Be there when the Secret Wars commence this May in SECRET WARS #1!




Cover by ALEX ROSS
Coming May 2015!


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Moon Knight by Warren Ellis #1-3 review

‘Delayed reaction’ Moon Knight #1-3

Including a five page preview of #1

MOONKN2014001_DC11Moon Knight has a mixed and manic past as a comic character. Bi-polar even. He’s been penned and drawn by some comicbook heavyweights and rookies. He’s taken on the biggest and most powerful characters, and been tasked with chasing down street punks. He’s even held the head of Ultron and was haunted by Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine. Moon Knight’s unintentionally erratic past as a comicbook property mirrors the character’s different personalities in several ways. For some reason, hopefully other than Marvel’s need to renew the copyright, Marvel gives him another series. The last limited run by Brian Michael Bendis was a great series, with a different take on Moon Knight’s mental illness that saw him move to Los Angeles. Thankfully, the new series sees him return to New York.

The latest iteration of Moon Knight has, or had, by now, Warren Ellis as word and story-smith, and in many ways, redefines Moon Knight. Redefining is probably the wrong way to describe it. Marvel and Ellis strip away a lot of the veneer and trappings of Moon Knight: the costume, the at times overbearing focus on Khonshu and his past, the guest appearances and focus on his mental illness. The Warren Ellis Moon Knight starts as a singular vision and personality. A professional. He’s almost a force of nature.

The first issue starts with a very different Moon Knight. Dressed in all white with black complimentary colors, he makes his way to a crime scene in the Moon Knight version of the Google self-driving car. He is dressed like an assassin with a mask and 4-piece suit with magician’s gloves. He’s clinical with little pretense. He uses his intelligence and experience and little else. He inhabits and traverses a very dark section of New York City like an alley cat through, well, an alley.

Moon Knight picks up the trail of a killer that is waylaying well-built travelers and must track the killer because, of course, the detective and police department can’t find him. One of my pet peeves with the Marvel universe is that the police, government and those in positions of authority are utterly helpless without the help of superheros. Another thing I don’t like is Marvel’s over-reliance on S.H.I.E.L.D. They are all-powerful and seem to be connected to everything. Moving on.

The Warren Ellis Moon Knight lives in a sparsely populated New York. There is still a dull energy that ebbs and thumps underneath, and it somehow reminds me of a bygone comic era. Ellis doesn’t take himself too seriously though, and in issue 3, even pokes fun at an old comic standby;the punk-rock bad guy. Even when using the trope and peering through the 4th wall, Ellis cleverly adds in his own slants.



As you move through issue #2, another aspect of Moon Knight reveals itself in a more traditional Moon Knight. The Moon Knight that has been heavily criticized as a Batman knock-off. He uses detective skills and an intimidating and over the top fear factor to get information. He’s rich and uses gadgets, and even has a dark and traumatic past. I can see the differences in Moon Knight from Batman of course, but I can also acknowledge the similarities. While we’re discussing that, it does also remind me that comics seem to rely on a few archetypes. The rich-playboy Tony Stark/ Marc Spector/ Bruce Wayne type, and the nerdy scientist good guys and villians.

So, the old-school Moon Knight shows up to chase down an assassin, who in turn is stalked by an assassin. The comic is glaringly stark with its choice of colors and the lack of sound. The comic uses that lack of sound, or sound-effects expertly and the panels that Ellis chooses give a phenomenal sense of space and drama. Issue #2, like every other issue leaves many questions. But like every issue, is a sufficient self-contained story.




Issue #3 explores the parts of New York that can only be done properly in comicbook form. That barely lit and nearly empty part of New York that if lighted properly, would reveal things that should not be, and show evidence left behind that we would rather not know was there. Issue #3 starts just on the edge of that part of New York, where that line blurs and things start to get lighter. This is where Moon Knight encounters his first obstacle, and must lean on Khonshu and his vast stores of information and experience. The previously mentioned punk-rockers are much more dangerous than they appear, and Moon Knight must explore a different side of himself.

Throughout issues 1-3, Moon Knight is being rebuilt. Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey and team creatively reveal his background through conversations and encounters, and it never really feels like it’s going on. Shalvey is subtle in his approach and when Moon Knight jumps into action, it is explosive. Faces are expressive and the way he pulls attention towards the focal point of every panel is perfect for Ellis’ writing.

Moon Knight is broken down and rebuilt, and he even dwells in a dusty mansion with a few chairs and cobwebs fit for a Boris Karloff set, with colors that seem weary. Khonshu’s appearances are powerful, although appear subdued. Whenever the demi-god appears, it seems as though he is finally fed-up with Moon Knight and will devour his soul whole. Knonshu never does though. He keeps giving Moon Knight another chance, just like Marvel and I do.

The new Moon Knight is one of my favorite comic runs ever. I read through Moon Knight via my Marvel Unlimited subscription (which I can view on my iPad, iPhone and Mac. The browser version sucks quite frankly.) and the preview and images were provided by Marvel.


Moon Knight 1-3 by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey

Richard Paul Davis

page 1 preview page 3 preview moonknight page 2 preview moonknight page 4 preview moonknight page 5 preview moonknight

Thor Annual #1 news featuring CM Punk

This phenomenal art work has the distinction of appearing on a comic book written by CM Punk
This phenomenal art work has the distinction of appearing on a comic book written by CM Punk

So, Marvel has more strangeness and quirky marketing techniques up their sleeves with the Thor Annual #1. The “professional” wrestler CM Punk ( I can’t believe I’m writing this) is making his comic-writing debut by penning a tale about Thor using his epic ability to guzzle booze to prove his worthiness to wield Mjolnir. Yep. Read the quote from CM Punk below and you’ll get an idea why I’m shaking my head at the entire concept. I realize this is a comic book we’re talking about, and it’s Thor. Not the most thought provoking series to be sure, but, giving someone like CM punk his first writing opportunity with Marvel reeks of marketing and using the comic book and his appearance solely to sell books. So, with those things said, I can’t say I’m surprised and Marvel is clearly a company that wants to make money. I just know that there are hundreds of talented writers with more articulate things to say and stories to tell that deserve a chance to write for an established property like Thor. I’m just glad Marvel is still doing some good things with Ghost Rider, Magneto Moon Knight and Iron Fist.

Stay money hungry and creative in your money grabs Marvel. Now, if you’re interested in the comic, which does feature great the great work of Jason Aaron, Rob Guillory and Noelle Stevenson , read on.

What do you think of Marvel’s antics with marketing and such lately?


CM Punk, Jason Aaron, Noelle Stevenson & More Headline THOR ANNUAL #1!


This February, star-studded creators from all corners of comics and entertainment unite for three thunderous stories in THOR ANNUAL #1! Uniting wrestler CM Punk, blockbuster writer Jason Aaron (Thor, Original Sin), rising star Noelle Stevenson (Lumberjanes), Rob Guillory (Chew) and more, this can’t miss lineup brings you three stories featuring three Thors of three eras!

First, wrestling superstar CM Punk makes his comic writing debut alongside artist Rob Guillory for a tale of the brash, boisterous young Thor and his genius idea to prove himself worthy to wield the mighty hammer Mjolnir – by drinking all of Asgard and Midgard under the table!

“The idea was, let’s do a story about young Thor as this kind of brash bratty teenager who’s like, ‘I’m totally worthy of this hammer’,” said CM Punk in an interview with “’I don’t know why I’m not worthy of the hammer. Look at all this cool stuff I did.”

Then, rising comic stars Noelle Stevenson and Marguerite Sauvage make their Marvel debuts to bring you an all-new tale of the new Thor! Who is the mysterious woman behind the mask? No one in all Ten Realms knows her secret!

“It’s a fun challenge both as a fan of the classic character, but also to be working with a new character who readers haven’t seen much of yet,” says Stevenson,speaking with “I have the old mythology to work with, but I can also help contribute a little bit of new mythology as well!”

Finally, blockbuster Thor writer Jason Aaron and fan-favorite artist Timothy Truman bring you an all-new tale set in the future starring King Thor! Join the Girls of Thunder on their epic quest to find their grandfather the perfect birthday present. How about a brand new Garden of Eden?

Three creative teams. Three Thors. One explosive annual. No fan can afford to miss the explosive THOR ANNUAL #1 – on sale this February!



On Sale in February

Thanos versus the Hulk #1


Thanks versus the Hulk

Cosmic collisions of the titular Thanos are sure to create cosmic concussions throughout the Marvel universe

I find myself working my day job testing video games in Seattle, and I ran across this release from Marvel. I thought it was a hokie idea at first, and it may turn out to be. The gist of this mini-series is that Hulk is kidnapped, I think he is sold to Thanos and they punch each other a lot. It’s going to be Marvel at its finest. Just mostly mindless drubbing. The irony is that Thanos is brilliant, and Bruce Banner is one the smartest people in the universe. You would think that they would have better things to do than pound on each other. Have more solutions and creations to make. Who knows, that may be the case.

Keep an eye out for more comic news and reviews. I’ll be reviewing the first three issues or Moon Knight, and Hank is keeping up his DC comic string of articles. Follow us her and spread the world so we can keep it going.

The Heavyweight Battle of the Century – Your New Look at THANOS VS. HULK #1!
The Green Goliath goes toe-to-toe with the Mad Titan for a universe shaking cosmic throwdown in THANOS VS. HULK #1 – the first issue in a brand new limited series kicking off this December! Legendary creator Jim Starlin (Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos: The Infinity Revelation OGN) returns to answer the question – is Hulk really the strongest there is? Abducted by Pip the Troll and dragged halfway across the galaxy to be ransomed to Annihilus, Hulk is already angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. But Annihilus has plans of his own – plans that will put the Incredible Hulk directly in the path of Thanos, the Mad Titan! Guest starring Iron Man, Blastarr, S.H.I.E.L.D. and more, be there when Jim Starlin brings two of the Marvel Universe’s heaviest hitters to planet shaking blows in THANOS VS. HULK #1 this December!

THANOS VS. HULK #1 (of 4) (OCT140875)
Written by JIM STARLIN
Art & Cover by JIM STARLIN
Variant Cover by RON LIM (OCT140876)
FOC – 11/10/2014, On-Sale – 12/03/2014

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About Marvel:
Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit © MARVEL 2014

Marvel comics S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 Launch Party

Deadpool has a long history of working with, and killing, various members of SHIELD.
Deadpool has a long history of working with, and killing, various members of SHIELD.

Hello faithful followers and Marvel fanatics. Looks like the fine folks over at Marvel are actually sending out some information that isn’t cryptic or a reboot. High tech stuff, Deadpool, and it looks like and a half-dozen variant covers are just some of the information from Marvel with their S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 launch party too. Damn, I really hate acronyms, especially ones that long. I’m not a fan personally of SHIELD, their television or their role in the Marvel universe, but that doesn’t mean I won’t share the information with my greedy readers. And hey, There’s Deadpool.

So, in addition to some sweet images and actual information, Marvel is having retailers throw some parties to celebrate the #1 of the previous typed out acronym from Marvel. Eisner Award winner Mark Waid is writing the new series with a rotating cast of incredible artists with some serious gravitas in their backgrounds. Man, I love using Latin in my articles. Anyway, let us know what you think of the new SHIELD launch, and share our site with your friends. Without much more ado, here’s the Marvel information you’re waiting for below. Look out for the artwork attached as well.


Marvel Welcomes You to Level 8 For The S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 Launch Party!
Your Local Comic Shop is Your Place to Be on New Year’s Eve!


A large cast of characters is sure to be included in the new SHIELD launch. Yes, I am refusing to use SHIELD as an acronym typie thingie.
A large cast of characters is sure to be included in the new SHIELD launch. Yes, I am refusing to use SHIELD as an acronym typie thingie.

End the calendar year with a bang this New Year’s Eve as high-tech weapons, high-stakes missions and high-octane adventure come to a comic shop near you with S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 – the debut issue of one of the most highly anticipated titles of the year! In addition to being among the first to purchase and read this exciting first issue, fans will also be able to receive special items exclusive to these launch parties.


Along with All-New Miracleman Annual #1S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 stands as one of only two Marvel comics being released on 12/31 and Marvel making sure comic book stores nationwide are armed and ready to close out 2014 with a bang when these two books explode onto stands!


Written by Eisner-award winning writer Mark Waid and drawn by a rotating crew of top-flight including Carlos Pacheco, Humberto Ramos, Alan Davis and more – each issue of S.H.I.E.L.D. teams Special Agent Phil Coulson and his team with the best and brightest the Marvel Universe has to offer. From Thor to Ms. Marvel to Captain America to Howard the Duck. If you’ve got the skills – S.H.I.E.L.D. has a mission for you!

To ensure these parties are a success, each retailer opting in to the event will receive a S.H.I.E.L.D. Party Kit from Marvel, containing exclusive promotional materials. Check your Marvel Mailer for more information on how to opt-in to ensure your store has these exclusive promotional items including two-sided S.H.I.E.L.D. trading cards and Skottie Young lithographs.

But that’s not all! Don’t miss out on your chance to snag some exciting variant covers to S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 featuring your favorite Marvel characters! S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 Launch Parties are the best place to get your hands on one-of-a kind variant covers including John Tyler Christopher’s highly collectible Deadpool Party Variant, a photo variant featuring Agent Coulson and Agent May from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a set of 6 variant covers from Marvel’s rising star artists, the All-New Young Guns!


S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 (OCT140813)
Written by MARK WAID

Deadpool Party Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (OCT140816)
Set of 6 All-New Young Guns Variants by MAHMUD ASRAR,



Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Photo Variant Also Available (OCT140818)
Variant Covers by  SKOTTIE YOUNG (OCT140815) & MIKE DEODATO (OCT140814)

Blank Variant Also Available

FOC – 11/10/14, On-Sale 12/31/14


For more on Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D., please visit Join the conversation on Twitter and don’t forget to follow us at @Marvel []!


Deadpool in B&W n almost as cool as deadpool in just red. And anything with Deadpool makes anything with SHIELD better.
Deadpool in B&W n almost as cool as deadpool in just red. And anything with Deadpool makes anything with SHIELD better.

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Sam Wilson is taking justice to the sky.
Sam Wilson is taking justice to the sky.

Marvel is at it again with their reboots, deaths and rebrandings blah blah. Sam Wilson is taking over for Steve Rogers and will bring a different brand of freedom fighting. Not sure what to think quite yet, and I’ll wait to read the comic to give an opinion. It’s undeniable that the series will leave its mark though, and the art work is fantastic. Have a look at the preview art.


Available Today – Experience Sam Wilson’s First Days As Captain America!


New York, NY—October 31st, 2014—Suit up for an epic like no other as Sam Wilson steps into the boots of Captain America and wields the shield for the first time in All-New Captain America: Fear Him – the newest genre defining Infinite Comic series hitting digital devices today! You heard right – the first three issues of All-New Captain America: Fear Him are on-sale now and available for download! Following the successes of other Infinite Comic titles, All-New Captain America: Fear Him embraces the latest form of comic book storytelling using tablets and smartphones as a new canvas! Each new Marvel Infinite Comic continues to push comics forward, taking advantage of modern technology while staying true to the medium’s greatest strengths!


Before the highly anticipated All-New Captain America #1 hits comic shops in November, be there for Sam Wilson’s very first adventure as Captain America as fan-favorite writer Dennis Hopeless (Avengers Undercover, Spider-Woman) joins artist Szymon Kudranski (Spawn) to bring you his first harrowing days in a high-flying adventure only an Infinite Comic could contain!


An old villain has returned to feed on the city’s fear. The Scarecrow – a violent psychopath and his army of bloodthirsty terror crows wreaks havoc on the city. It’s up to the All-New Captain America and his partner Nomad to put a stop to him. Which might be easier if they got along with each other.


To stop the Scarecrow – Sam Wilson’s mission will take him all across New York City, from the skies above its choked rooftops to its dark, sinister sewer tunnels. Though he now wears the flag, does he have what it takes to be Captain America? Find out in All-New Captain America: Fear Him – on-sale now!


Available right at your fingertips, these new Infinite Comics will be available for purchase this today on the Marvel Comics app (for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch® & AndroidTM devices) and online in the Marvel Digital Comics Shop!