Screencheat Launches on STEAM

Surprise attack Games releases Screencheat on Steam.
Surprise attack Games releases Screencheat on Steam.

Cheaters Sometimes Win

I just got this press release from Surprise attack games, distributor and purveyor of fine #indiegames. I’ve played a few of their great games, and reviewed Snip and Chu awhile back (read about it here.) I’ve had my eye on Screencheat for a while now and hope to be reviewing it soon. There are loads of information on this indie game, so dig in and have  look below.

Screencheat Launches on PC, Mac and Linux

Oct 21st, 2014 – Cheaters never win? Cheaters never prosper? Tell this to Samurai Punk and Surprise Attack Games! They’ve just launched Screencheat, the first person shooter where everyone is invisible and the only way to murder your friends is to look at their screen to know where they’re standing. Return to the glory days of lying to your friends that you totally didn’t know they were camping and your grenade was “just a lucky guess.” Consider this game your self-help guide for your cheating addiction and write it off as a medical expense at

Click to watch, or download the trailer here.
Everyone is invisible, but what does it matter since you were looking at your best friend’s screen the entire time anyway! This is the premise behind Screencheat, the revolutionary split-screen first person shooter that tells you that it’s ok to be a louse, a rat, a cheating… well, you get the idea. Screencheat has you covered by color coded map areas and many unique landmarks. Yes, you, I see you there hiding near that Woolly Mammoth in that red room. The name of the game in Screencheat is to never stay still and let your opponents get a bearing on you. Just don’t take your eyes off your screen for too long or you may find yourself walking right off a cliff.

Eight unique and crazy weapons, combined with a heap of game modes and maps keep Screencheat fresher than eating watermelon in a field of summer blossoms.

King of the Hill has never been more dangerous, as once you step foot on the capture point in “Hillcampers” mode every player will know exactly where you are.

The more unique “One Shot” game gives you a blunderbuss and only one bullet. Be fast and be accurate or be dead and… well… dead.
For those of us who loved Madeline Kahn and Tim Curry, “Murder Mystery” mode gives you a mansion and a set of objectives.  Green with the Candlestick? It’s a party and someone’s going to die.

“Capture The Fun” has one player holding a confetti-spreading pinata with everyone else trying to blast it (and the player) to smithereens. Fun for the whole family.

Finally, the good old fashion Deathmatch, where the only thing that matters is fragging people as fast as possible, because what would an FPS be without it?

Screencheat is giving all of us legitimate cheaters out there a shot at redemption, to show that all those hours of split screen GoldenEye and Mario Kart Battle Mode weren’t wasted, they were just training for the ultimate split screen showdown.

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Other stuff to know:

  • Screencheat will be available for PC, Mac and Linux on October 21st, 2014
  • Price: US$14.99
  • Screencheat is being developed by Samurai Punk and published by Surprise Attack Games
  • Visit for more information



Surprise Attack Games is an independent games label focused on partnering with Australian game developers to provide marketing, distribution, and strategic assistance in taking their games to global audiences on any and all game platforms. For games that operate as a service, the label also provides monetisation strategy, design guidance and operational analytics.

Snip and Chu “DE-view”

A couple of years ago, I had a “third of a life” crisis. I went to Ebay and found a ton of old books, comics, posters and games I had as a kid. Some Romita and Mcfarlane Spider-Man comics, an old tome of a book on the world series, and a few hand held LCD games. All in all, I gasp to think that I spent hundreds of dollars on those echoes of my youth. If only “Snip and Chu” had been around then, I could have at least saved the bucks I spent on these dust covered pieces of ancient technology.

Snip and Chu Trailer

Enter the Tale of a lost toenail clipping and his bubblegum buddy

The Game Snip and Chu is an LCD “demake” based on the novel of the same name by Shaun Britton. The game aims to recreate the feeling and atmosphere of a handheld LCD game, complete with the requisite electronic Bleeps and Bloops, annoying and constant Bing! sounds and excruciating difficulty. Your hero for the adventure is Chu, who makes his way in this demade world as a piece of gum. His mission is to free his pal Snip, who happens to be a clipped toe nail, from the clutches of my favorite game villain ever-the cleverly named “RecyKiller.”

Armed with only his wits and an abnormally powerful jump, Chu must make his way Donkey Kong style past the RecyKiller’s LC-Defenses (couldn’t help it) and traverse multiple levels of robotic mayhem. Fiendish enemies set traps and fire projectiles at you while you maneuver through the multi-tiered maze. Once you make your way up, around, and past the first few baddies, you arrive at the top level of the maze. The RecyKiller waits with his flailing appendages, looming ominously like only a boss robot can. Make your way through this level, and your friend Snip is free. Or, so you think. Once you rescue your friend, the level starts over with ramped up difficulty and a few twists like battery powered traps.

Perhaps the story behind Snip and Chu is about the futility of those raging against the machine. The under dogs-the outcasts fighting even though they know their number will never be called. Or it could be a novel idea that’s a little bit childish and a lot creative. I wish I could answer that, but my copy of the novel wouldn’t download with my review copy of the game.

This is the view of your demade LCD game

The virtual controller and screen for Snip and Chu
The virtual controller and screen for Snip and Chu

The game has a bit of a learning curve. Especially if you’ve been away from this type of game for a while. There was one for me anyway. The game does come with directions accessible via the menu button on the virtual console, but it doesn’t clearly illustrate some of the elements. It took a little bit of tinkering with the game play to get the feel down. This isn’t a knock really, just what I experienced.

What I’m loathing

The constant droning of the incessant beep reminded me why I played these games with the sound off when I was a kid. There is a mute button on the game’s console, but it takes away the needed sounds and the satisfying feeling you get when you execute a jump or reach that delicious power up. I really wanted some midi music that was epic too.


I wish Snip and Chu had a couple more levels too. I KNOW it’s a demake and these games didn’t have multiple boards, but I really wanted more of a payoff and to keep playing. I would’ve liked for there to be some kind of integration of the graphic novel in-between levels, or some kind of unveiling. These are really minor complaints, however.

The verdict

Snip and CHhu
Snip and CHhu

Snip and Chu is well worth a buy. Its art is playful and easy to watch for hours on end, as I did trying to crack 200 points. It’s a game you can play on your lunch break, or spend an evening with. It may open up other avenues of retro-ness like it did with me. The developers who created Snip and Chu are the ones responsible for Game of Watchcraft: Spawn of Squishy. Look up these fellows and do some research; they’re brilliant.


Snip and Chu is available via the app store for iPad, and it’s a great buy for $.99. Check out some of the other games Surprise Attack Games has to offer as well. Keep your eye out here for them too, because I’ll be reviewing, previewing and DEVIEWING them. I just couldn’t help myself with that last one.

So, are LCD games, demakes and retro stuff fun? Is there something you’d like to see made into a demake? Leave a comment and discuss.