New site, new label new new new

Hey Everyone, I have a new site up and a Patreon. Considering getting together everyone and trying a kickstarter. That makes me crazy nervous though. I just want to write and draw monsters. Anyway, here’s an outline of what’s going on. Thanks again and please stop by the Patreon and share with your friends.

OH! It’s the 13th and it’s my birthday.


Happy News

It’s been a long journey to get Vile: Legends of Thunder Valley finished. It’s now complete and I was picked up by a small comic book company in Hawaii, EC. Digital versions of the complete tale as well as on demand copies will be available soon. I’ll send out another email when that is ready to go.


My Patreon
I have started a Patreon page to help readers and fans support my projects. In addition to early access and exclusive content, I’m adding pictures and free drawings and more for those that support me. You can support my projects for as little as $2 per month. Please stop on by and spread the word. It’s critical to be able to raise funds to print, research and continue to bring you more projects like Vile: Legends of Thunder Valley.

Visit Crowsong’s Patreon

Native American Comic Symposium

Keep your eyes peeled everyone-We are working on a Comics symposium at the University of Washington featuring myself, Jeffrey Veregge, Lee Francis IV and Johnnie Jae. Contact me for more details or keep up on my social media.

Review Copies

Above you’ll see the cover of the complete tale of Vile: Legends of Thunder Valley. If you know someone that would like to review the book, please let me know. Or, if you’d like to acquire copies for class or other academic pursuits, please contact me or my agent ACES.

Heather  Reed, CEO
Asylum Convention and
 Entertainment Services 

Happy to help.

If you prefer digital, right now we have Vile available through Comixology. Read the single issue that started it all.

You can also order the first issue on demand from Indy Planet.

Buy Digital Vile: LOTV #1
Buy comic book Vile: LOTV #1




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